Reflections on 2013 NRA Annual Meeting (2 of 10): Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

In my first post reflecting on my first experience at the NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits I focused on pro shooters. In this post, I highlight experiences with “shooting stars” — shooters who are notable as TV personalities.

Although there are some professional shooters who are also on TV, some people now become professional shooters through TV, especially the History Channel’s show “Top Shot.” A case in point is the winner of Season 4, Chris Cheng, who was a recreational shooter working for Google before “Top Shot” and now is a professional shooter sponsored by Bass Pro Shops.

Chris Cheng NRA 2013Other “Top Shot” alumni I saw at the NRA meeting were Season 1 winner Ian Harrison (now editor of Recoil magazine) and Season 3 winner Dustin Ellerman, as well as Brian “Gunny” Zins representing Cabot Guns (Seasons 2 and 5), Michelle Viscusi now a member of Team Glock, and J.J. Racaza who was at the Armscor/Rock Island Armory booth —

jj racaza nra

Of the shooting stars that I actually spoke to, all seem to be regular guys and gals who seem humbled by the fact that people actually know them and appreciate what they do.


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