Tactical Schmatical

One of my honors students is examining advertising in Guns magazine from the 1950s until today. Among the categories she is coding in her content analysis is “tactical.” I will be interested to see what she finds regarding the rise of this term, which is widely derided in blogs and on-line forums, but seems widely used by gun manufacturers. I don’t know Jeff Meeks, but I found this blog post “Tactical Schmatical” funny and informative.

Jeff Is Carrying On ... Again

There’s a word which has been making its way into the vocabulary of “gun people” for the last decade or so, and it’s starting to really drive me crazy: tactical.  For the betterment of mankind, please, don’t be tactical.

Back in my military days, there was a real discussion involving “tactical vs. strategic.”  In the world of nuclear weapons, the one I came from, that’s a fairly short discussion.  When explosive power gets measures in megatons or even hundreds of kilotons, there isn’t much that’s “tactical.”  But the discussion was still valuable – “strategic” was something like “keep the Soviets from invading Europe” or “project military might into the South Pacific.”  Tactical was how we went about achieving those goals, and was much smaller in scope.

In my world, a tactical nuke was one you could theoretically fit into a backpack.  Its power was measured generally in terms of city…

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