What Caught My Eye on a Recent Trip to Gander Mountain

Swung by Gander Mountain today to look for some stocking stuffers. Even though I didn’t find any good ones, here are some things that did catch my eye. (Sorry for the picture quality on some – was on my phone.)

(1) Shooting is expensive. 9 mm ammo $130 for 350 rounds.  Or $0.37 a round. Or $6.29 to shoot one 17 round magazine through a Glock 17.


Shooting an AR platform rifle even more expensive. 100 rounds for $50. Simple math = $15 per 30 round magazine.


Golf is cheaper than shooting at these prices.

(2) As Jeff Meek said, tactical schmatical. 5.11 tactical for all the operators shopping at Gander.


Edgy sports ware manufacturer Under Armour is tactical now too.


Hard to see the logo but this is Under Armour, too:


(3) Uncle Sam doing a gun safety PSA in the rafters.


(4) The equation of guns with respect is dangerous,  and yet here it is.



  1. Sorry, as a sporting clays shooter I have compared the cost with golf. Shooting is cheaper unless you can’t control yourself. In that case you will be the golfer with three sets of clubs and $90.00 greens fees.


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