It’s real!

Looks nicer than the cover of the advance copy I received. Looking forward to the final publication and seeing the response!

Citizen-Protectors Advance Copy


  1. Thanks for posting this. I am reading the book and think it is useful. Now does anyone know what motivates the group of people who like the ‘modern sporting rifles’ ? This seems like a different group than the people Carlson talks about especially the people who like to carry their rifles around also armed with cameras so they can be on the Internet.


  2. The attention hounds, I think, are just that: people looking for attention. The people I take seriously in gun culture think of them as a joke at best (to put it bluntly) and harmful to the cause at worst. For example, Massad Ayoob on open carry:

    On the fascination with modern sporting rifles, you can find a sympathetic view in Dan Baum’s book “Gun Guys: A Road Trip,” especially chapter 1 called “Barbie for Men” and chapter 3 on “The iGun”. In addition, chapter 11 talks about 3-gun competition and chapter 15 (“Hogzilla”) on hunting wild hogs in Texas.

    A critical view can be found in James William Gibson’s “Warrior Dreams: Paramilitary Culture in Post-Vietnam America.” I’ve recently posted a couple of entries on his psych-sexual analysis of guns, but he makes a broader cultural argument about the effect of “losing” the war in Vietnam and the rise of paramilitary culture – of which the AR-15 is an important part.

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