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Jews Can Shoot

Even as I launch headlong into my new study of guns, I maintain a presence and interest in the sociology of religion. So, in addition to a not-yet-published article I wrote on religion and gun ownership, I am also constantly on the lookout for things happening at the intersection of guns and religion. Things like whether Jesus was pro-AR-15, the Catholic view of lethal force in self-defense, whether God blesses snipers, the NRA as a Christian organization, and so on.

Jews Can Shoot Logo

Alan Korwin’s email newsletter tipped me off to something new (to me): the existence of Jews Can Shoot, an initiative of the Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors. Taken together, according to the website, “they are complementary fronts of the New Holocaust Resistance. We ensure that ‘Never Again’ isn’t just an empty slogan – it’s a vow.”

The group has organized events on how to buy a gun and how to use a gun, and even offers NRA sponsored personal protection inside the home classes.

What their relationship is to Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, I do not yet know, though they probably have the following (sentiment) in common.




7 thoughts on “Jews Can Shoot

  1. If you think there’s any relationship between how/why the Holocaust happened and the fact that Hitler disarmed the Jews (among others) in 1936, then you may know something about religion but you don’t know anything about Nazism or the Holocaust. And the fact that some people who are Jewish believe that there’s a connection doesn’t validate what they say just because they are Jewish. This whole business about the ‘slippery-slope’ of gun control leading to disarmed civilians leading to the Holocaust is the 2nd biggest single distortion of facts that the pro-gun lobby has produced. I’m not saying the other side hasn’t also produced its share of distortions but right now I’m talking about this one. And while your audience may love this nonsense, the truth is that in a room of serious scholars if you push this crap and they are polite, they’ll gently and quietly snicker. If they aren’t so polite they’ll just start laughing and tell you how full of s**t you are. But of course we all know that serious scholars are all anti-gun, right? C’mon, you can do better than that.


    • If I described a group that actually exists, as I did in this post, to a group of scholars I would hope they would not laugh. If they did they would be awfully closed minded. In fact, when I talk to religion scholars about pro-gun religious groups they are often shocked because they think most religious people other than evangelical Protestants are anti-gun. So a group such as this is a source of interest to true scholars. Those who seek first to understand.


  2. During the 20th century 10s or 100s of millions of UNARMED civilians were slaughtered by armed police, military and “other” forces — who were not enemy invaders — but their own government or quasi-government. How many people were murdered by criminals or other civilians? NOT MANY. I grew up Jewish with a pack of Jewish friends and while my parents were born here — many of my friends parents had first hand experience with the Nazi’s — and were as defenseless as kittens. It is impossible to say exactly what effect armed Jews would have had on Nazi plans.

    Jews had little history with weapons of ANY kind as they were often not full citizens — or landowners — in much of the world until relatively recently. It certainly would have helped in many more isolated incidents like the Warsaw ghetto uprising, small villages of a few thousand people controlled by a few dozen with guns, etc. (ditto for the Armenians) The only scholarly book I have seen on the particulars of this matter would be Stephen Halbrook’s “Gun Control & the Third Reich. His conclusion is that armed civilians would have made a difference — but it cannot be proven.

    I will say the more I study the history of antisemitism and the Nazi Era in particular — the more inclined I am to think that having an armed civilian population is the only way civilians will stay PERMANENTLY in control. The fact that US civilians have 300-400M guns means that there are limits on what governments or quasi-gov. entities can do to its citizens. Our current society is VERY fragile and could become unstable with an economic collapse, GRID-DOWN, some problem with the abstractions we call “wealth” ,etc. Jews have been in hot water in every century since Constantine.

    I am in VT where EVERYONE has a gun and our gun murder rate is 0.3/100K pop — the lowest in the US. ANY study that says that “gun friendly states have more gun homicides” is a LIE. While I am on that subject — I would say that the US “Gun Prohibitionists” are just BREATHTAKING in their intellectual dishonesty. They believe that the end justifies the means and will say ANYTHING to attack and dehumanize gun owners. EVERYTHING the local Gun Prohibitionists say is a lie including “and” & “the”. For starters they claim to respect our sacred 1777 VT Constitution and say they want *tiny* changes in our laws while applauding draconian and vicious laws in NY & MA.

    I don’t hunt, I am not currently worried about crime where I live — I HAVE GUNS BECAUSE I SHOULD. I am a citizen of VT. WE are the first responders to all emergencies and you are safer on my street (100% gun owners) than most police stations. And finally, I am gun owner because I am a Jew. Look at France and the UK. The poor devils — I pity them. Edward Jaffe, Bennington, The Republic of Vermont.


    • Thanks for these thoughts and for sending the links to your commentaries. Very interesting to see that only 18 of 41 homicides in VT were by firearm. Another thing that makes VT exceptional, since most homicides in the U.S. are by firearm.

      I have been working up a review of the book Gunfight by Adam Winkler. He is not at all opposed to gun control, but even he argues that many advocates of “gun safety” think the only safe gun is the banned gun. People suggest that arguments about the slippery slope from background checks to registration of guns to gun bans is just paranoia, but we know what the gun banners want and we have seen it happen in other countries that gun control advocates hold up as models like England and Australia.


  3. I am one of the people involved with Jews Can Shoot. The organization is not involved with JPFO. While both organizations share the same views on self-defense and the Second Amendment, JPFO’s main focus is preservation of our rights to keep and bear arms, while Jews Can Shoot’s main focus is to actually provide courses to people (not necessarily Jewish) who wish to start and practice actual armed self-defense.

    If you are interested in our group, feel free to contact me. You can also find some articles in the press that have been written since the time you posted this thread.


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