Some Liberals Do, In Fact, Hate Guns, Gun Owners, Gun Culture

Interesting video of “gun safety activist” (and political writer, commentator, and operative) Cliff Schecter expressing his true feelings of disdain for gun owners, who are stupid and like to sit around stroking their guns with no concern for all of the children dying from guns every day. From the podcast Majority Report with Sam Seder:

Of course, it is not news that there is a huge level of disdain among liberal cultural elites like Schecter and his buddy/host Seder for those involved in gun culture. In fact, a big part of this conversation is Schecter and Seder putting down Dan Baum, who takes liberals to task in his book Gun Guys for being dismissive of gun culture. (The video actually made me feel bad for Baum because the “liberal gun guy” really can’t win. I’ve criticized him in the past from the perspective of gun culture, and these two liberals and others really skewer him from the perspective of anti-gun culture.)

What I found notable about this Majority Report video, though, is that Schecter’s PR firm, Libertas LLC, included among its clients Mayors Against Illegal Guns. I’m not sure whether he consults for Everytown for Gun Safety now, but if he does, I hope his advice to them is to keep their hatred for guns, gun owners, and gun culture hidden better than his.

Cliff Schecter



  1. You think I couldn’t send you 10 gun blogs whose content is just as filled with hate-filled comments about ‘gun-grabbing’ liberals? Ever see some of the blatantly anti-Semitic comments about Bloomberg?

    David: Are you in the real world?


    • MTGG – Although I don’t think you’ve ever read one of my responses to your comments, preferring it seems your monologue to dialogue, I will respond nonetheless.

      You seem to miss the point of the post. What I found notable about the video was not the hatred — which I see plenty of on both sides — as much as the fact that the guy is a self-proclaimed “gun safety activist” and a political consultant to MAIG (and perhaps now to Everytown). So it gives insight to what is really driving the gun control/safety movement.

      Is that not the real world?


  2. David,

    I think it would be an interesting experience to get the folks you’ve highlighted and ask them if we should respect the ‘African American’ culture, or the Muslim, Or Sikh, Or LGBT culture – I’m sure they would strongly support all of those and many other cultures.

    Yet as you point out the disdain and disregard for the ‘gun culture’ is overwhelming. I love how they stereotype gun owners as ‘stupid’ despite the fact that 47% of gun owners report having some college versus 33% having just a high school education or less.

    They also talk about gun owners being divisive while completely trashing gun owners is more than a little hypocritical isn’t it?

    Bob S.


  3. Look, what MIKETHEGUNGUY says is correct about there being a lot of hate on both sides (for me it’s not hate so much as annoyance), but the difference here is it *works for us*. For us, this is a breach of Individual Rights (or the Bill of Rights for Constitution buffs), and anything less than anger would be soft. It is an egregious violation of the closest thing the United State has to a Social Contract.

    It *hasn’t worked* for the anti-gunners who are currently playing dress-up as “gun safety advocates,” and courting the sorts of politicians who say things like, “I support the Second Amendment, but…”

    My sincere hope is that the gun control movement as it is now, with Bloomberg controlling the purse strings and therefore calling most of the shots, continues to do exactly what it is doing.

    I don’t really think guys like Cliff here understand that when you lump all gun owners in with this stereotype, you’re also lumping in people’s families members, grandparents, and so on. You’re talking smack about veterans. You’re talking smack about Scoutmasters. You’re alienating people who *might* listen to a nuanced argument if it didn’t start out with a string of distortions and ugly stereotypes (the sort of stereotyping which the Left normally, and correctly, points out is damaging and unfair.)

    Then again, the other thing we have going for us is this: for tactical reasons, the “gun safety” movement with their support for “common sense” gun laws will regularly applaud the most draconian and overbearing laws in states like California and New Jersey. They seem incapable of any sense of *actual* moderation, their propaganda and cant to the contrary. They are just waiting to be punked by a pro-gun YouTuber who shows up to an event with a petition urging “house-to-house searches and immediate seizure of all firearms from the American public.” I have little doubt they will find quite a few people who will sign.

    There have been several incidents in New Jersey recently, all of which defy common sense (Shaneen Allen, Steffon Josey-Davis, and Brian Aitken). If the “common sense” gun control crowd condemned these travesties, I haven’t seen it. If anyone reading this knows of any press release or anything like this, please let me know.

    All of this together makes me wonder whether the people on the pro-gun side who insist the other side is basically totalitarian really are resorting to hyperbole. (This is a common assertion by anti-gun groups: the “ban all guns” thing is a strawman, and that the anti-gun movement just wants some “gun safety” laws that any rational person would agree with.)

    Certainly other than a condescending stroke here and there about how “no one wants to take your guns,” they certainly seem in favor of the worst and most unreasonable laws currently in existence. Dianne Feinstein famously said as much:

    “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an out right ban, picking up every one of them….Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in. I would have done it. I could not do that. The votes weren’t here…”

    This could be the final irony: that the most paranoid and strident people in gun culture were most objectively right about the other side.

    I hope not.


    • Belated thanks again for this thoughtful comment. Even though my particular approach to the topic is one of dispassion (“ethical neutrality”), I would never say that the only approach to it should be dispassionate. There are people who are very passionate about wanting to ban guns out there. They are a minority, but an influential minority can still do alot. So, there should be people who just as passionately defend the right. Like you said, “anything less than anger would be soft.”

      And I may well steal this one from you: “This could be the final irony: that the most paranoid and strident people in gun culture were most objectively right about the other side.”


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