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The Materiality of Gun Culture, Part 3: Revolver Flash Drive

In my ongoing effort to document how pretty much anything you can make you can make as a gun (see also revolver espresso cups here and semi-auto espresso cups here), here is a 16 GB USB flash drive as revolver.

Gun Flash DriveA colleague of mine sent me a link to this item from — $14 with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime. Other models are available also.

2 thoughts on “The Materiality of Gun Culture, Part 3: Revolver Flash Drive

  1. I always get confused by your posts about this type of item. Do you see it as a bad thing, a good thing or neutral?

    I personally think that we’ve gone tremendously overboard to avoid anything that looks like a firearm. Elements in our society are trying to demonize anything related to firearms; making such things as even chewing a pop tart into a ‘gun shape’ or pointing fingers illegal.

    I think that image clearly shows it would be very difficult to mistake it for a real firearm but someone so filled with hoplophobia could manage it.

    In the long term, shouldn’t we be asking a simple question; what does it harm?
    If it doesn’t harm anyone, should we try to ban it?

    Bob S.


  2. So to confuse! I am interested in all things guns, so sometimes I have to post little bits like this. The politics of guns can get pretty heavy at times, so its nice to have a bit of a break. Also, beyond defense of self and nation, a big reason people own and use guns are because they are fun. Hunters, sport shooters, collectors. In fact, the vast majority of people’s actual use of guns is for fun. It is for me and I would bet it is for you, too. Hitting a steel target with a .22, knocking over bowling pins, crushing clay pigeons. All of that!

    My initial book subtitle about Gun Culture 2.0 was going to be “Fear, Fun, Faith, and Firearms” but the subject was too broad, so focuses for now on armed self-defense. But i will get around to the fun part eventually. For now, I can only post pictures of USB drives and espresso cups!


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