The Truth About Guns and Race

Since I cannot even keep up with the work I have to do, I don’t often venture into the comments section of the blogs I read. But I woke up yesterday morning to a headline on The Truth About Guns that caught my eye: “Shooting at Gay Pride Parade Not Sexual Orientation Related.”

The story initially caught my attention because I was in San Francisco on Thursday and Friday last week, when the Supreme Court’s decision on same sex marriage came out. The timing right before Pride weekend made me think that there would be huge crowds out in San Francisco. And crowds make me nervous. So I was glad I would be gone by then.

SFO Goodbye
Farewell, San Francisco

So, I was not altogether surprised that there was a shooting. But I was surprised, and disappointed, at TTAG jefe Robert Farago’s commentary. So I jumped into the mosh pit and made a comment. (Unfortunately, in response to my comment, Farago edited his original text and the original text is not in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, so I can only recount it by memory.)

Farago picked up on a CNN story about the shooting, which had sketchy details and links to two social media videos (one from YouTube and one from Instagram, neither of which showed the actual shooting). He then noted it was “funny how” CNN and other (unnamed) media outlets neglected to mention the ethnicity (African American) of the individuals involved because the incident may have been gang related.

To which I commented: Why mention their ethnicity because it appears gang related? Seems the gang related part is what is relevant. And gang members come from all ethnic groups.

Farago responded by editing the text “slightly,” as he put it. The new/current text reads: “The Instagram video at the link shows several black men confronting each other before the shooting. Funny how CNN and other media outlets neglected to mention their potential gang affiliation.”

To which I responded: Still don’t see how the skin color reference adds to our understanding of the sutuation. I was in Waco when the Twin Peaks event went down. It was helpful to know that biker gangs were involved. Knowing the skin color of the bikers was irrelevant. Same here, though I think you have betrayed your true feelings.

From there the discussion shot off in a number of directions, none of which seemed to justify the Truth About Guns calling its readers “The Armed Intelligentsia”. For example, a brief exchange with davidx:

TTAG Pride Commentws

Ben then jumped in:

TTAG Pride Commentws 2

Grindstone and Indiana Tom tried to help Ben, though Indiana Tom did so by invoking some statistics that had nothing to do with the case at hand:

TTAG Pride Commentws 3

Finally, Daily Beatings jumped in with some statistics on gang participation rates culled (apparently, I did not verify) from the FBI:

TTAG Pride Commentws 4

Which led to (what I hope will be) my final comment on the original post and the thread of replies.

Thanks, Daily Beatings, for sharing these gang statistics. I see that Ben has not stepped in to accept that his claim — “Most of the current criminal gangs in this country are comprised almost entirely of young black men. It’s not racist to say that. Stop dancing around the truth” — is empirically false. And to explain why he perceived it to be true, like Robert Farago has not explained why he felt it to be important to call out the media for not identifying the race of the individuals involved in the fracas.

Remember that my initial post about this story asked why Robert Farago took time in his discussion of this video to make a side comment about the fact that CNN and other media outlets failed to identify the race of the individuals involved. He subsequently revised his text to read: “The Instagram video at the link shows several black men confronting each other before the shooting. Funny how CNN and other media outlets neglected to mention their potential gang affiliation.”

Pretty weak. The racial identification remains descriptively accurate and irrelevant. Just as Indiana Tom’s pointing out homicide rates by race remains descriptively accurate and irrelevant TO UNDERSTANDING THIS VIDEO.

Gang membership is very much driven by social position rather than race/ethnicity, though race/ethnicity obviously also affects social position. Hence, 100 years ago criminal gang activity was associated with certain white immigrant groups (esp. Italians, Irish).

Last, I am neither PC nor opposed to racial identifications when they are helpful to understanding social phenomena, like the interaction between race and being a gang member on being shot (see Using racial identifications when they are not relevant, however, lessens one’s credibility.


  1. I have been the subject of some pretty nasty comments over the years by Farago. He understands his audience very well and knows exactly what to say to get them and keep them riled up and coming back to his blog. And getting his readership’s attention has little to do with facts, or truth, or anything else. At one point I had used the phrase ‘truth about guns’ in something I wrote and he put up a comment on his website that since he copyrighted the phrase ‘the truth about guns’ that he would sue me for using it. And of course he immediately got several hundred red-meat posts from his readership saying yea, yea, go sue that piece of sh-t, etc. So I sent him an email and told him that I had checked with the patent/trademark office and what he owned was the exclusive right to use the phrase ‘the truth about guns’ as the title of a revenue-generating business enterprise but that neither he nor anyone else could trademark the English language. So he actually published a retraction on the website and an apology, and the comments that came back criticized him for apologizing to me no matter what the issue, and also telling him to sue me anyway. God bless America.


  2. I saw the original headline on TTAG and had a very similar reaction to you. It was the second racially biased post I had noticed in a matter of days. I generally enjoy the content produced by TTAG, however if they intend to broaden and strengthen the gun community they are going to have to drop the racial undertones.
    It blows my mind how gun owners can be analytical towards the philosophy and statistics associated with gun ownership but lack the same insight when it comes to other social issues within our country and community.


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