CNN on How to Beat a Political Bully (i.e., the NRA)

Been on a bit of a gun culture hiatus working on some other projects for the past month. But the following request for comments by a CNN reporter working on a story came across my email today, so I am posting it without comment just to get the ball rolling again.


1. POLITICS: How to Beat a Political Bully: Lessons From U.S. History for Gun Control Supporters —

Deadline Sep 03, 2015 01:00 PM AFT(Asia/Kabul) Organization URL

Another mass shooting. Another outpouring of grief — and then nothing happens again. The nation was horrified this week when three people were shot on a live television newscast and there were renewed calls for gun control. But similar calls for gun control were halted by the power of the NRA, and a sense of hopelessness has come over many people who now believe political action on gun control is impossible. But what does history teach us about taking on seemingly invincible political lobbying group? Recall the power of Wayne Wheeler, head of the Anti-Saloon League, the “dry lobby” group that gave us Prohibition. Wheeler was a ruthless operative and no politician dared cross the Anti-Saloon League — until the power of Wheeler and the ASL was finally curbed. Or how about the fight against Big Tobacco? Didn’t it seem hopeless at times? My question: Are there any example from U.S. history where a single-issue lobbying group that seemed invincible actually faced a backlash and lost? And, if so, what can those examples teach people who given up hope of any kind of gun reform in the U.S.? If possible, please include a sample quote so I can decide whom to call back and avoid talking to multiple people with the same point of view. Thanks.


  1. They are supposed to report the news not shape it to their political/ social viewpoint. This is why I do not trust the MSM. They have a radical agenda and are more than willing to sell our Republic downstream to appease their corporate and political masters. Facts and logic do not matter to them, but if it Bleeds it leads is paramount.

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