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Gun Shop Guest Speaker in Sociology of Guns Class

I was fortunate to have a guest speaker in my Sociology of Guns class today. Richard Talbert is the manager of and an instructor at ProShots Range. Coincidentally and unbeknownst to me, his father, Charles Talbert, is a leading scholar of the New Testament who taught at Wake Forest for over 30 years. So Richard is no stranger to our campus.


I was particularly excited to have someone from ProShots visit because it is hands down, by far, the most new shooter friendly gun store and range I have ever visited. It is well known in our area for its eye-catching and humorous billboards that bring the reality of guns to the public in an approachable way.


It was also where I took my first ever gun class, over three years ago. So I knew someone from ProShots would be able to speak to an audience of students, most of whom do not have an extensive background in firearms.

I was not disappointed. Our 75 minutes flew by as Richard fielded questions from students about the legalities of the process of buying guns, North Carolina’s pistol permit system, ATF Form 4473, and the like.

But more significant was some of the practical insights he brought about the process. How they decide how to handle delayed responses to NICS checks, keep their eyes out for potential straw purchasers, and maintain a safe store and range in general.

Richard did an excellent job in general of conveying the seriousness of being in the gun business. He brought a good deal of life to the readings we have been doing about guns this semester.

Pro Shots Range


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