Citizen-Protector Gone Wild Redux: Civilian fires gun at suspected Big R shoplifters

I used ţo live in South Bend, Indiana and visited Elkhart often so this recent news story caught my eye. Like Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez, who is now being charged with a misdemeanor for firing shots at a fleeing shoplifter in suburban Detroit, this person obviously did not attend the law of self defense university.

law of self defense

ELKHART — Elkhart Police are continuing to investigate an incident in which a private citizen fired a handgun at two fleeing shoplifting suspects on Monday.

Source: Civilian fires gun at suspected Big R shoplifters – Local – South Bend Tribune


  1. Since most people who purchase guns do not attend Law of Self-Defense University, and many end up using their guns illegally, unethically, unpredictably, or tragically, what do those who advocate concealed-carry rights say? I honestly look to this blog to learn because I don’t know if I favor CC because things like this happen; I just don’t trust most of my fellow citizens to be the “good guys with guns” who will serve as “citizen protectors.”


    • “many end up using their guns illegally, unethically, unpredictably, or tragically”

      With perhaps 10 million or more people with CC licenses ‘many’ should be a pretty big number. Compared to the total the number of people who can carry guns around the number of people do not do the right thing is ‘small’. That does not mean it is not a problem society needs to deal with and there are already laws for doing that aren’t there?


    • I do agree with PANKR003 about the relative infrequency of misuses of guns by concealed weapon permit holders, which I’ve touched on in a previous and later post about “citizen-vigilantes.” (This may be due in part to the relative infrequency with which the average concealed weapon permit holder actually carries.)

      At the same time, as more people get concealed carry permits, and as more of those permit holders actually carry guns (if, in fact, they do), I worry that events like this will become more frequent.

      Part of the question in my mind is whether the institutionalization of the concealed carry movement works against these questionable uses of guns (by better training people in the legalities of the use of lethal force), or whether the culture of the “duty to protect” others will foster more of them.

      I should also note that Sean Sorrentino left a useful comment on my most recent post about not rushing to judgment since the Detroit Home Depot shooter has only been charged and not convicted of any crime yet.

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  2. David, you make an excellent point- and the question in my mind is whether increased CC will lead to better training and responsible carrying/use or to more bad/illegal/tragic outcomes. But to PANKROO3, just as I failed to define “many,” you did not define “few”–we should probably look at the actual numbers. And I was talking about the numbers of bad uses of guns among all those who purchase guns legally– not just those who carry concealed. Your response refers only to the unlawful uses of guns among those who carry concealed.


    • Martha – Fair question, though not fully answerable given data limitations. But I am working up some potentially relevant facts I would enter into the equation (beyond the question of concealed carry) and will post them asap!


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