Cats and Guns (and Knives) – Click Bait Friday!

So, although I really enjoyed writing it, my recent post on the alcohol epidemic in the United States didn’t quite make the splash I had hoped. I probably should have titled it “Gary Kleck on the Alcohol Epidemic in the United States,” because the last time I invoked Kleck my blog blew up (relatively speaking).

Because the end of the year is drawing near, and I am close to my goal for 2015 of doubling the number of visitors to my blog site, I am going for straight-up click bait. I know my wife cannot pass over any social media posting about cats. When I post pictures of my cat on my Facebook page, I get more comments than on anything serious I post.

So, here it is: My friend got me this ‘zine as a Christmas present: How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety.


Published by the non-existent “American Association of Patriots,” the guide is actually written from a progressive perspective and is meant to be critical of guns and gun people. But I know gun people have a sense of humor so may find parts of it funny despite the liberal snark. For example, “Over 40% of firearm accidents involving the combination of cats and guns are caused by improperly trained cats attempting to shoot birds out of trees: accidents which lead to the wounding or death of hundreds of thousands of humans and cats every single year. This is the most common danger you expose your household to when you fail to talk to your cat about gun safety, but certainly not the only one.”


Cats love guns! They also love knives, as you can see in the picture below of my cat Mango with a beautiful Filipino kerambit I bought from Arnis Importers.

Because of this, I am anxiously awaiting the publication of “How to Talk to Your Cat About Knife Safety.”



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