Gun Culture 2.0 – 2015 Year in Blogging sent me an annual report for my blog, which nicely summarized some of the information I wanted to know most, like how many people visited my site and what were the most popular posts (see below).

Although modest in comparison to many other blogs about guns and gun culture, I exceeded my own expectations for 2015, which was to double the number of visitors and page views over 2014.

Year by Year WordPress Comparisons

The posts that got the most views in 2015 were interesting, but not surprising:

  1. Gary Kleck on the Effect of Large-Capacity Magazines on the Casualty Counts in Mass Shootings
  2. The History of Concealed Weapons Laws in the United States, Part 3: The Rise of the Shall-Issue (Right-to-Carry) Era of Concealed Carry
  3. Assessing Risk in the Decision to Carry a Gun
  4. Shooting the MAG-40 Qualification Course
  5. “Skirting” the North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit Course/Training Requirements via the Virginia Non-Resident Permit

My second most popular post was published LAST year. There is alot of interest in the history of concealed carry in the United States, but no definitive source on it, so I’m glad I can meet some of that desire for information.

I’m not surprised to see my *2012* post on shooting the MAG-40 qualification course remains popular, because I was Googling around the Web trying to find information about it myself before I had to shoot it.

That post also benefits from the fact that the Massad Ayoob Group posts a link to it on their reviews page, which makes MAG my second top referring site.

2015 WordPress Summary Referrers

I only wish more people would look at my post on the MAG-40 course as a humanitarian approach to armed citizenship, which remains one of my personal favorites.

I am grateful to all those who read, share, and comment on my thoughts on gun culture. I am looking forward to continuing in 2016, as always guided by my overall goal of “light over heat”:

My approach to Gun Culture 2.0 is inspired by philosopher Baruch Spinoza: “I have sedulously endeavored not to laugh at human actions, nor to lament them, nor to detest them, but to understand them.”


  1. I’ve linked to your site and a couple of posts on other blogs and forums I read. If I can get the money together maybe we could do some range time sometime.


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