(At Least) Two Americas in Forsyth County, North Carolina

I had two distinctly different experiences today while wearing the special t-shirt I got in San Francisco’s Chinatown earlier this year.


While walking in the county park, I did not notice but my wife observed a number of people giving me dirty looks while they passed. After she pointed this out, I saw myself them giving me what she calls “the stink eye.”

After our walk we went to our neighborhood Walmart store where I received a very different response. The first person I passed expressed appreciation for the shirt, and one of the employees in the electronics department did a double-take, then smiled, and asked to take a photo of the shirt.

Two Americas, divided by guns.


  1. I’m not surprised you got the different responses sir. I suspect the folks in the park voted for him and were either professionals or the spouses and kids of them while the folks in Wal-Mart were working folks from the more common sense and realistic side of life just trying to make a living.


    • As a professional (an aerospace engineer), I’d say it’s an unfair assertion that professionals are across the board anti-gun (if I’m understanding your post correctly). The only professional organizations I recall seeing endorse gun control are various education and medical groups.


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