Facebook Let Me Boost My Post About How They Wouldn’t Let Me Boost My Other Post, Because Guns

In response to my last post on how Facebook wouldn’t let me boost a post about the USCCA Concealed Carry Fashion Show — because it promoted the sale of firearms blah blah blah — reader Zack wondered whether Facebook would let me boost my post about how they wouldn’t let me boost my post.

In fact, they did accept my “ad” almost instantaneously. So, for $15, for the next three days, Facebook is going to boost my post about Facebook’s robo-stupidity about my Fashion Show post.

facebook denied adfacebook denied adfacebook denied adfacebook denied adfacebook denied ad

We’ll see how well the ad works.



    • Well to be fair, I was going to pay for the boosted post (i.e. ad) they rejected. Clearly you can criticize them all you want as long as you don’t promote the sake of firearms god forbid


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