A Student at My University Was Shot Last Week, It Could Have Been Me

For the past 10 days I have been working as the official stringer at a $25,000 ITF Pro Circuit Futures tournament at the Wake Forest Tennis Center in Winston-Salem.

A week ago Friday I had one of my busiest days at the tournament, stringing 22 rackets. Which isn’t overwhelming for a tournament, except that I didn’t start stringing until after I finished teaching Friday morning. So I left the tennis center at nearly 1:00am Saturday morning, 5 hours after the facility closed and the last person other than me left.

Thankfully, I was perfectly safe because the tennis center is part of the Wake Forest University athletic complex, and as such, no weapons are allowed on the property.

Sign posted at entrance to Wake Forest Tennis Complex

Actually, the tennis complex is in a remote location, behind the football and baseball stadiums. It is bordered by R.J. Reynolds tobacco offices and warehouses, which are quickly becoming an industrial wasteland. Just beyond that is a higher-crime area of Winston-Salem, according to crime maps available on the Winston-Salem Journal website.

Winston-Salem Crime

So, I am always extremely nervous and aware of my surroundings when I leave the building after hours. As usual, I made it safely to my car and home that night. I woke up the next morning, however, to an email from Wake Forest’s office of communications notifying us that a student had been shot in an armed robbery on one of the streets that borders campus.

Wake Forest Shooting Email

Apparently he was returning home after walking some female students home when he was set upon by three teenagers/young adults in an SUV who robbed him and shot him in the chest. Thankfully he was found laying in the road by an Uber driver and is recovering in the hospital.

The student was shot in an area where a lot of Wake Forest students live and walk late at night, especially on the weekends. My son, who attends the university, told me that he routinely walked from houses in that neighborhood back to his dorm room on campus, alone at night. This was obviously a big wake-up call for him and hopefully for other students as well.

It was also a reminder to me that I ought not be in a gun free zone, at a closed business, alone at 12:45am. The Wake Forest student who was shot 1.27 miles away and 100 minutes after I left the tennis center could have been me.

Winston-Salem Student Shot


    • Would carrying in Luby’s Cafeteria have been a felony or just a misdemeanor? Either way, it’s too bad she was a good citizen and followed the law that day. That is a sad thing to have to say. I know alot of people take the chance of carrying in gun free zones since they think their lives are worth more than a job or a misdemeanor.


  1. And I will say again and again and again I don’t care how many sign’s you put up it is not going to stop a person determined to commit a crime. The only thing that will stop the bad person is a good, trained, responsible person armed and ready to respond right there.

    In Orlando were that tragedy happened the door could have been covered from top to bottom and side to side with ‘No Guns Allowed” stickers to where you could not see out and that would HAVE DONE NOTHING TO STOP THE ATTACK! And taking guns away from a law abiding legal owner like you and me would HAVE NOTHING TO STOP THE ATTACK!

    I’m glad you and your son were safe. I support the work you are doing sir. Thank you for this blog.

    Have you ever visited NCGO.com? It’s a great forum for gun owners in NC.


    • Thanks for the comment. No doubt the people who were willing to shoot our student in the middle of the street would have had no problem doing the same to me as I walked to my car at the tennis center, the sign be damned.

      When I have time to go to online forums, I usually go to the Carolina Shooters. I will have to check out NCGO, though. I am finding more people interacting in non-gun specific spaces, though, like blogs and Facebook so I usually spend most of my free time there.


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