10 Acres of Exhibits at the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville

Evan Osnos of the New Yorker has been making the rounds promoting his essay on the gun business. On NPR’s “Fresh Air” with Terri Gross, his claim that the Trump endorsement was the centerpiece of the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville was repeated. And I again contend that the heart of the NRAAM is the exhibits. And by “the exhibits” I really mean the people you meet and the stuff being sold.

I have posted 100 or so photos from the NRAAM on my Flickr site, linked below if you click on the photo below.



But also wanted to post a few of the more memorable scenes here for anyone interested.

Got to meet the star of Outdoor Channel’s “Shootout Lane” and her parents:

NRAAM2016 (10)

Three members of Team Glock. Well, two of them at least.

NRAAM2016 (69)

Love a tactical pen like the Tuff Writer:

NRAAM2016 (108)

Gun Culture 2.0 staff photographer had to check out the updated version of her USCG service pistol:

NRAAM2016 (153)

The extremely interesting Sig Sauer P320:

NRAAM2016 (159)

Among the cool historical pieces displayed by Winchester:

NRAAM2016 (172)

Hey, aren’t we supposed to call these “suppressors”?

NRAAM2016 (156)

The two Nates from Lexington, NC have a high profile in Louisville:

NRAAM2016 (134)

My holster guy, Matt Rector, was there (with Stephanie, of course):

NRAAM2016 (44)

And my belt (and if I can learn to shoot a rifle, maybe my sling) guy, Andy Langlois:

NRAAM2016 (68)

Gun Culture 2.0 self-defense themes were in evidence:

NRAAM2016 (180)

And here:

NRAAM2016 (175)

But so too was some ridiculous Gun Culture 1.0 hunting stuff:

NRAAM2016 (183)




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