Gun Culture Dumb Point Oh

Today while having lunch at an Indian buffet outside Charlotte, NC I was reminded why I was so alienated from gun culture for most of my life and why I might never fully embrace it.

The connection between guns and masculinity, and between masculinity and anti-female sentiments has been evident to me my whole life. And regrettably my entrance into gun culture hasn’t altered that, though I do see many people in gun culture who are not that way.

The funny thing was that the driver was a South Asian Indian, and his two passengers were women dressed in traditional Indian attire. Proving once again that the connection between guns and perverse forms of masculinity knows no racial/ethnic boundaries.


  1. This has little to do with ‘gun culture’ or masculinity. There are ass holes like that everywhere, unfortunately. Me thinks you are a bit off course here.


  2. It is accepted normal practice in India for women to be subservient to men. I’m not saying this is right, it just is the norm there. It probably is a part of the caste system in place there. As they emigrate the people bring there thoughts and actions to America, the great melting pot, and within a generation or two they either change or cling to their ways. This is observable in the Cuban-American community here in South Florida. First generation is resistant to change and speaking English. By the third or fourth generation they speak English and maybe some Spanglish


  3. And here we also see why women, in particular, might find gun culture alienating! That said of course there are many men who are nice and respectful to women who are part of the gun culture. But the guys who have these bumper stickers, T-shirts, and accompanying attitudes should be called out by other men in their own gun culture. They won’t listen to women “nag” them about it, or will dismiss criticism by attributing it to being in the anti-gun camp. Interestingly, people could post comments in the review section for that “Problem Solved” image on’s review pages here:

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  4. Why is this offensive? The woman stick figure is shouting at the man stick figure. He kicks her out. Problem solved. Why do you focus on the “kicking out” while ignoring the “woman shouting/bitching/complaining?


    • I don’t approve of interpersonal violence. If there weren’t alot of IPV in our society, almost all male on female, and often because the woman was “bitching at him,” I might think it is funny. The fact that it is also associated with guns makes it all the sadder to me. Hence my point that I can get into gun culture with both feet. I am with the guys who would either walk away or ask the person complaining to leave. Not the guys who – of all the millions of bumper stickers to choose – would choose those.


      • Domestic violence has been shown to stem at least half the time from the female side, so the “almost all male on female” is wrong.

        What you’re doing is saying “THAT’S NOT FUNNY!” and expecting him, and others, to accept your judgement. But it is funny. Every one of us has dealt with that self righteous woman who thinks it’s ok for her to tell “her man” how things are going to be. If we haven’t had it happen to us directly, we’ve all seen it.

        I don’t think it makes a whole lot of sense to look for things to be offended by. There are plenty of bad things. We don’t have to invent them.


      • I will double check my statistics. If you have a source for yours let me know and I can check that as well.

        I am saying that’s not funny, to me. I am not expecting people to accept my judgement anymore than you are expecting people to accept your various judgements. I am offering a POV for people to consider.

        In fact it is you who is making the blanket statement about “every one of us,” and given the amount of time you spend on social media highlighting things that offend you, it is sort of funny that you would suggest I am out “looking for” things I find offensive.

        I welcome the different opinions and responses expressed in response to the views I express on my blog. Seeing that there is more than one view on issues is something I assume. Alas, too many people on gun culture and against it can’t seem to do the same.


      • Sean –
        I stand (partially) corrected. If the work cited below is correct, male on female violence is more common and severe in effect than female on male, but there is much more female on male intimate partner violence than I thought. Thanks for the corrective.

        Straus, M.A. (2011). Gender symmetry and mutuality in perpetration of clinical-level partner violence: Empirical evidence and implications for prevention and treatment. Aggression and Violent Behavior 16 (2011) 279-288.


  5. Folks that’s a “Celebrate Your Divorce” sticker. Also available with “Free at last!” as a caption and a flipped negative (Female kicks out male.) version. Poor taste? Yeah, probably, but arguably a divorce is a preferable alternative to physical violence. yes?

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  6. On 7/2 as I was at work my soon to be ex-wife packed her and her daughters stuff into her truck and left for Arkansas without any note or effort to save the marriage. So while I don’t condone violence except in self defense right now I have PTSD where the female half is concerned.


  7. Might have included that gun ownership among women and minorities are the two fastest growing segments in the firearms industry. You didn’t mention the driver’s “discriminatory” opinions about other people’s cars. (“No I don’t want race your piece of shit” sticker.)


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