Link to Research Paper by Authors of New Harvard/Northeastern Study of Gun Ownership

Gun control news organizations The Trace and The Guardian were recently given exclusive access to results from a 2015 National Firearms Survey conducted by researchers at Harvard and Northeastern Universities. The study is currently undergoing peer review, we are told, and will be published next year by the Russell Sage Foundation.

Following a lead on the Zero Hedge blog, I was able to find a copy of an unpublished conference paper on “The Stock and Flow of US Firearms: Results from the 2015 National Firearms Survey. I am posting a link to it here for anyone interested. 


It turns out that this paper was presented at a one day conference hosted by the Russell Sage Foundation on “The Underground Gun Market: Implications for Regulation and Enforcement.” Audio of all of the presentations at that conference as well as copies of the papers are available at this link.

It’s likely that the paper is being reviewed for a special edition of the RSF Journal based on this conference.


  1. “Even conservative estimates indicate that the number of handguns annually obtained by criminals by all methods exceeds 600,000 even in low-crime years.”

    [Gary Kleck & Kevin Wang, “The Myth of Big-Time Gun Trafficking and the Overinterpretation of Gun Tracing Data”]


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