Happy Holidays!

It’s hard to believe another year is already coming to a close. I have had a productive year, and yet still did not get everything done that I had hoped. One the positive side of the ledger, I wrote and submitted a review essay on “The Sociology of U.S. Gun Culture” (waiting for the peer reviews) and just reviewed the page proofs for my long-awaited (by me) article, “Awash in a Sea of Faith and Firearms: Rediscovering the Connection between Religion and Gun Ownership in America” (forthcoming in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, stay tuned here for more on that).

On the negative side, I did not post nearly as much this fall about Version 2.0 of my “Sociology of Guns” seminar as I planned (or as I did for Version 1.0 in 2015). After Christmas, I will rectify that a bit by posting four reflection papers written by students at the end of the semester (like those I posted in 2015). And I am teaching the seminar for the third time in the spring semester, so here’s hoping I will have more time to post about it in 2017 than 2016.

All that said, I want to wish everyone a happy and peaceful holiday.




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