Brian Anse Patrick, R.I.P.

Unlike the NRA’s new Personal Protection Expo, I didn’t miss the announcement of the passing of Brian Anse Patrick in December thanks to my fellow NC blogger John Richardson’s No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money post.


I never met Professor Patrick personally, though we did exchange a few emails when I was getting started with my research on Gun Culture 2.0. His excellent but unfortunately poorly-titled book, The Rise of the Anti-Media was essential to helping me understand the rise and success of the concealed carry movement in the United States.

Rise of the Anti-Media Book Cover

Posts I wrote based largely on his work — here and here — have long been among my most popular, even overtaking Wikipedia pages for a time in Google search results.

I regret that I won’t have a chance to consult with him as I continue my research, but the legacy of his work will live on in it.

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