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Sociology of Guns Seminar, Take 3

I ordinarily do not repeat seminars in successive semesters, but a scheduling fluke this spring has me teaching my Sociology of Guns seminar once again. No major changes to the overall structure of the course, though I have tweaked the readings as I usually do. (You can download the syllabus as a PDF document here: soc384-sociology-of-guns-syllabus-sp-17.)

I am also pushing the students to engage even more with James Wright’s essay, “Ten Essential Observations on Guns in American Society.” At the end of each segment of the class, I will have the students say whether the reading(s) and discussion on balance tend to support Wright’s observation, refute it, or some of each, and to explain their conclusion.


Because I am experimenting by teaching this class as a once a week, 2.5 hour seminar, we will cover twice the material in each class session. So, later today we will be engaging the first 3 of Wright’s observations. I will post the students’ feedback on them as soon as I can.

Also, next week we will be taking a field trip to ProShots Indoor Range and Training. The field trip was a highlight of the class in Fall 2015 and Fall 2016 that I thought I was going to have to forgo due to weather concerns in January. But Richard Talbert — who has twice been a guest presenter in my class — has graciously offered to host the class at ProShots. Stay tuned for an after-action report on that next week.


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