NRA Carry Guard “Insurance” and “Training” Program Launched

Clearly I missed more than seeing guns, colleagues, and friends at the National Rifle Association annual meetings and exhibits last week. NRA CARRY GUARD was launched with much fanfare — including a cover over the cover of the May 2017 issue of The American Rifleman.

Fortunately others were on the scene and are starting to report on this major new development in Gun Culture 2.0. (The NRA involvement being new, not the idea of self-defense “insurance.”)

Kevin Creighton at Misfires and Light Strikes has a comprehensive comparison of the “insurance” side of the program in comparison to others, and Joshua at has compared CarryGuard to the Self-Defense Shield product offered by (NRAAM corporate persona non grata) United States Concealed Carry Association.

Please post links to other comparisons you find on-line in the coming weeks.

I am particularly interested in the training side of the program that is clearly announced on the cover of the Rifleman, but not yet available except to Gun Culture 2.0 gunlebrities like Colion Noir and Dana Loesch. Any NRA certified trainers out there who are willing to weigh in, please do so!


  1. Interesting. NRA is ultimately putting the liability on itself with these policies. I guess that puts the onus on the NRA to make sure its policy holders are well vetted.


  2. This quote is from Andrew Branca: “Well, for those wondering about the quality of training they can expect from the NRA Carry Guard program, the featured picture is of James Jarrett, their Director of Curriculum, presenting a pistol.

    Note the distorted posture, the sloppy weak hand, the shitty grip, and in particular the finger on the trigger.

    For a purported former US Army Green Beret and LAPD cop, he manages to look like he’s never presented a pistol from the holster before.

    Way to go, NRA. It’s not like you don’t already have 10,000 instructors who can actually properly present a handgun.

    This, by the way, is an image provided BY the NRA itself. Presumably they think it demonstrates quality.

    UPDATE: Rob Pincus provided a link to an article about Mr. Jarrett which notes this:

    Jarrett is a Vietnam veteran, an NRA member and a combat shootist with a partial claw for a right hand.

    Torn in a grenade accident, the hand was rebuilt with bone from a rib and tissue from his backside. Jarrett says he gave surgeons a pistol as a mold so his grip and trigger finger would be saved.”



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