USCCA + PDN + Pincus = Response to NRA Carry Guard

The movement of the National Rifle Association into the world of concealed carry training and “insurance” in the form of Carry Guard certainly took many people, myself included, by surprise. There is much that remains unknown about the training side of the Carry Guard equation (itself the source of much head scratching), but the movement of the NRA into the “insurance” business has already garnered critical responses from the likes of Marty Hayes of the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network who has published an open letter to the NRA and its Executive VP Wayne LaPierre.

Also coinciding with the launch of Carry Guard at the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta was the announcement by the United States Concealed Carry Association that they had been disinvited from exhibiting at the meeting (though I have since heard that they may have been disinvited as early as February and held back the news for maximum effect).

Photo of Carry Guard banner in lobby at 2017 NRA Annual Meeting, Atlanta from

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that the NRA is in the process of creating a revenue stream that will attempt to marry concealed carry firearms training and a post-shooting legal plan. Among Carry Guard’s major legal plan competitors, Second Call Defense, U.S. Law Shield, and CCW Safe offer legal defense programs but no training.

Closer to what Carry Guard provides is the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, which offers a tremendous amount of education about the use of lethal force in self-defense and also has “affiliate instructors” who provide firearms training, as well as the USCCA with its Self-Defense SHIELD legal plan and certified instructors.

Given the direct move against the USCCA by the NRA (don’t forget about the Carry Guard Expo which mimics the USCCA’s Concealed Carry Expo), it is not surprising that the USCCA is striking back. Yesterday, the USCCA announced a new partnership with firearms trainer Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training and the Personal Defense Network.

As the subject line of an email from USCCA founder Tim Schmidt said: “USCCA + PDN + Pincus = ?”

To me it equals fighting fire with fire. And alot more research for me.


  1. There has always been “NRA Endorsed” concealed carry insurance (I mention it in this post from 2011: The difference is that this is the first time that the NRA has put the full weight of their advertising might behind selling the product, and now they themselves are offering training, versus creating the curriculum and certifying the trainers.
    This product puts them in direct competition with their grassroots, and it will be interesting to see what becomes of it.


  2. What we need is a “consumer reports” evaluation of all these training and insurance plans. What worries me is that putting these programs into the hands of an 800 lb gorilla will choke off the little guys. Whether that is good or not would be a function of the quality of the product.

    If national concealed carry is to actually be law, some sort of baseline qualification might sweeten the pot of the few members of Congress who have to yet make up their minds. But the NRA could do that by certification, not by hijacking the process entirely. I’m still pissed off that my New Mexico CCW involves both training, screening, and qualification, and it is not recognized by New York, which has a weaker program.

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    • Here is one consumers report. I sent an e-mail to USCCA asking what they would cover since I was part of ACLDN and got a prompt reply saying they would cover what ACLDN would not (do your own research here). I did the same to the Web site for the new NRA insurance and a week later got a reply saying I should see their FAQ page. When I looked there all I was able to find was they said I should drop the other products and just buy theirs.

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