That Cape Fear Gun Lifestyle

Visiting my daughter in Wilmington, North Carolina recently, a local “lifetsyle” magazine, Cape Fear Living, caught my eye. Many cities have these to promote local business and civic affairs. Look at the cover below and it will be obvious what drew my attention. Look at those GUNS!

Flipping through the magazine I was actually surprised to see that the guns on the cover were not just props. The side-by-side shotgun and large revolver suggested that. There was actually a long article accompanying the cover discussing guns in the context of femininity and empowerment. To quote the article, “There is a burgeoning population of women . . . who are taking a proactive stances in fortifying their response to [the] need for personal protection.”

As the article progresses, pictures of the side-by-side and revolver give way to semi-automatic pistols. We hear from Mary Anne Rodrigues, a Marine Corp veteran and firearms trainer at “She Shoots,” who says, “After their first time shooting, a majority of women say they wish they had done it sooner.”

Firearms for the shoot were provided by Backwater Guns & Outfitters of Wilmington (and advertiser in the magazine), which itself employs three women on staff.

Given my low expectations, I was pleasantly surprised at how thoughtful the article was about why women are attracted to firearms. Only misstep seems to be the photo on the table of contents page which appears to show the model with her finger in the trigger guard of the revolver.


  1. The title made me think of the line from the DeNiro remake. “Later, we’ll go out

    and shoot some trees.”


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