Checking Out Suarez International

I arrived in Yavapai County, Arizona a day in advance of the Gunsite 250 Pistol class I am observing this week, so was able to spend a couple of hours at the offices of Suarez International in Prescott.

Welcome to Suarez International. Photo by David Yamane

Mike, a customer service rep, and Josh, the gunsmith, showed me around and talked about their work.

Mike inspecting a Suarez International Red Dot Slide. Photo by David Yamane

If anyone has done more to promote the use of red dot optics on handguns for civilian self-defense than Gabe Suarez, please let me know.

Of course, Suarez International does more than red dot slides. They also sell shotguns, shotgun accessories, and do gunsmithing on shotguns.

Josh working on a shotgun barrel. Photo by David Yamane

I am always interested in non-firearm defensive tools, so glad to see the “Gang Unit” knife with BladeTech sheath and a trainer to go with it.

Also “dual use” weapons like these titanium chop sticks.

And of course some reading material for the plane ride home.

I am planning to attend a Pistol Gunfighting School taught by Gabe Suarez in November, but it was fun and informative to see how the retail guns and gear side of the business works.


  1. Some of the best training I’ve received was at a Suarez class taught by Greg Nichols…I think I’ve got most all the gun related dvd’s and books via the SI store as well, good stuff!

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  2. […] Suarez actually introduced this continuum on the first day, having the students alternate between shooting 6 inch steel plates at 15 yards and shooting torso sized steel targets at 60 yards. Later in the class, he emphasized how “technology allows you to exceed what you can normally do with a tool.” He was talking specifically about the red dot optics that he is well-known for. […]


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