Gun Culture 2.0 Posts on the Private Citizen (or Civilian) Gun Training Industry (or Community)

This page collects my posts on the private citizen (i.e., civilian) gun training industry (or community). These posts offer my initial reflections on the topic as part of my ongoing research. Therefore, I welcome readers’ reactions, responses, references, elaborations, and corrections.

My recent set of posts on the rise and organization of the civilian gun training industry (in reverse chronological order, most recent first):

Selfie at Gunsite 250 Defensive Pistol Course, June 2017

I have also already collected my multiple posts on Col. Jeff Cooper and Gunsite Academy here:

With John Murphy of FPF Training, Culpeper, VA, May 2017. Photo by Lynn Givens

My interest in firearms training for private citizens is as longstanding as my interest in gun culture. Some of my earliest posts (see below) were about my experience at Massad Ayoob’s MAG-40 course back in 2012! My older, miscellaneous posts by and about civilian gun trainers (newest first):


With Massad Ayoob, Phoenix Rod and Gun Club, November 2012. Photo by Sandra Yamane


  1. […] I have covered a lot of ground in this review of the civilian/private citizen firearms training industry/community. I have looked at the rise of civilian firearms training industry, as well as various means of ensuring quality in training services offered, including professionalization, licensing, certification, and apprenticeship. All of my posts on the issue are collected on a single landing page. […]


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