Cooper’s Four Rules of Firearms Safety Translated into Spanish

My son is hosting an exchange student from Argentina for a month and asked about the possibility of a trip to the range. I said, “Of course, that would be fun.” And immediately began thinking about introducing him to safe firearms handling.

My first thought, of course, was to begin with Col. Jeff Cooper’s four rules of firearms safety. My second thought was that the exchange student’s conversational English is good, but he might not have the English words for gun-related ideas.

Cooper’s four rules of gun safety, Gunsite Academy, June 2017. Photo by: David Yamane

After an unsuccessful Google search for “Four Rules of Gun Safety in Spanish,” I floated a request for help on my Gun Culture 2.0 Facebook page. This received an immediate response from Jesse Ordunez, the Director of Training at The Bulwarks in Kentucky, who I met at Gunsite Academy this past June. Jesse directed the inquiry to Yamil Sued, a professional gun photographer who happens to be a native Spanish speaker. Yamil was good enough to offer the following Spanish translation of Cooper’s four rules:


1- Todas las Armas están SIEMPRE Cargadas



2- No apuntes el cañon a nada que no estés dispuesto a destruir

NEVER let the Muzzle Cover ANYTHING which you are not willing to destroy


3- No pongas el dedo en el gatillo hasta que las miras no esten en el blanco

Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target


4- Siempre estes seguro de tu blanco

Always be sure of your target


I am grateful to Yamil for offering this translation. I am looking forward to reviewing them with our Argentinian visitor. Please share them widely with others who may benefit from having them.


Cooper’s four rules of gun safety are ubiquitous at Gunsite Academy, including on the bathroom wall. Photo by: David Yamane





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