Inside America’s Growing Bulletproof Clothing Industry

After a long series of heavy posts on gun training with Suarez International, how about something a bit on the lighter side? At least relatively speaking.

I previously posted in full my response to a writer’s request for comments on the rise of bulletproof fashion.

I am happy to say that the article is now published on and the author drew on my comments liberally and fairly.

Screen cap of

I had fun with this particular media inquiry because it allowed me to talk about some serious issues in the context of a story about something that is relatively frivolous as concerns most armed citizens.

Until someone comes up with a way to sell a bulletproof or bullet-resistant suit for $400 and it is no longer frivolous. For the right price, I would buy one. Would you?


  1. Funny how we are in a crime wave when we want to sell guns or Level III ballistic jock straps but crime is declining when we are discussing gun control laws.

    If things in the USA get to the point of Columbia when Mr. Caballero opened his business, maybe this is a wise purchase for those who can afford it. Or, if we have a repeat of this story in modern times:

    Otherwise, given that I don’t live in the South Valley or am a high value target (State Dept. bigshot, banker, etc) I think my money would be better spent on an annual health checkup, good lights on my commuter bicycle, a FIPS helmet, healthier food, and abiding by those Laws of Stupid. Oh, and a significant chunk of the price of a new BMW motorcycle. To some degree this seems, statistically, a solution in search of a problem.

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