Do You Love the Smell of Burnt Gunpowder in the Morning? Azzaro Parfums Does

Some people, like Lt. Col. Bill Kilgore, love the smell of napalm in the morning. For others, it is the smell of burnt gunpowder, especially coming from a classic revolver. If you are among the latter, Azzaro Parfums has just the cologne for you: WANTED.

With amazing attention to detail, the company offers two sizes, the smaller one adorned with a five round cylinder and the larger one with a six round cylinder.

Two sizes: 5 shots and 6 shots!

That said, Azzaro’s description of the scent doesn’t exactly line up with the revolver theme, in my view.

Bold. Powerful. Irresistible. A Woody Citrus Spicy Eau de Toilette with a fresh, sensual and captivating masculinity. The top notes project lemon and ginger for a vibrant and explosive freshness. The heart blends bold, spicy cardamon and vetiver to unveil its radiant personality. And finally the base reveals tonka bean and smoky juniper for a captivating and elegant masculine finish. Key ingredients, such as Guatemalan cardamom, Haitian vetiver and Brazilian tonka bean come from sustainable sources. This olfactive breakthrough is the creation of master perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin from Firmenich. This fragrance will keep you wanting more.

What is interesting, however, is the idea that this cologne is targeted at young men. Interesting because Azzaro feels a gun-themed bottle will appeal to younger men. I was going to get some because I thought the bottle was cool, then I realized I didn’t want to smell like I was going out to Club L’Douche.

I was shocked at how many YouTube reviews there are of this cologne. (Not just this cologne, but cologne generally). For example, a 9 minute long(!) review by Redolessence Fragrance Reviews:

My favorite one was by Big Beard Business (language warning):


  1. Coming from someone who may have haunted Club L’Douche a time or 30, having something with cool packaging like this is tempting.
    …along with a ‘Battle Mug’ and bullet…I mean CARTRIDGE… shaped ice cubes.
    Happy to read a humorous break from face shooting. A fun sojurn into Condition White is allowed in the 2.0 world!

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  2. Bold. Powerful. Irresistible. An IMR quality Eau de Toilette with a fresh, sensual and captivating masculinity for anyone who gets turned on by the thought of making love in the powder magazine of the HMS Rodney during its battle with Bismarck. The top notes project stale sweat and cordite for a vibrant and explosive virility. The heart blends bold, spicy lead styphnate to unveil its explosive personality. And finally the base reveals nitroglycerine and guncotton carefully swathed with petroleum jelly for a truly deflagrating masculine finish. Key ingredients come from the finest sources along the Niagara River and industrial portions of New Jersey.

    This olfactive breakthrough is the creation of master perfumer Alfred Nobel. For those who want a quick catch and finish, we recommend the Eau de Bullseye. For those who enjoy the slow, smoldering sensuality of the chase, Eau de 4831 is your item. These fragrances will keep you wanting more, but be sure to wash your hands before eating.

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  3. While I haven’t worn scent since I was of college age, this was intriguing, until I learned that it really smells nothing like anything gun-related. I know a couple of women who – jokingly – used a dab of Hoppes #9 around certain men, I’m not sure that this is viable.

    Coming up with a scent that combined a woodsy base with overtones of burnt powder might be interesting, smelling sort of like an early fall morning. With the technology available today, I’m sure that a *parfumiste* could synthesize the odor perfectly.

    This is, of course, marketing and little else. Since you aren’t going to be carrying the bottle around – although a picture of it on your phone is certainly possible – no one will know about the cool bottle. And, since the scent is so reminiscent of another cologne – something by Paco Rabane – they aren’t going to know you by your unique scent. So, maybe just shooting a couple hundred rounds in an enclosed space like the average indoor range wearing your clubbing clothes would work just as well and combine two activities in one.

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