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Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2017

As I predicted, none of the Top 10 Most Popular posts on this blog in 2017 were among my Top 10 Favorite posts. Of course, only half of the top posts were published last year. One is from 2014, three from 2015, and one from 2016.

Even though they were not among my favorites, I do think many of the top posts are on important topics so I am glad people are reading them. See the list below.

1 How Many Households in American Today Have Guns (2017)

2 The History of Concealed Weapons Laws in the United States, Part 3: The Rise of the Shall-Issue (Right-to-Carry) Era of Concealed Carry (2014)

3 North Carolina Concealed Permit Course/Training Requirements Compared to Virginia (2015)

4 The Problem with Averages in Understanding Guns, Violence, and Crime (Take 2) (2017)

5. “Skirting” the North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit Course/Training Requirements via the Virginia Non-Resident Permit (2015)

6 More on How Many Guns Are There in America Today? (2017)

7 A Final Reflection from Gunsite on Being Pro-Gun vs. Pro-Truth (2017)

8 Gary Kleck on the Effect of Large Capacity Magazines on the Casualty Counts in Mass Shootings (2015)

9 Is Using “R.I.P.” Defensive Ammunition Asking for Trouble? (2016)

10 The Pocket Pistol (2017)


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