Protecting Houses of Worship, Part 1: Training Organizations, Groups, and Individuals

Last month I spooked a few people by posting that I was “SEEKING HELP on Protecting Houses of Worship.”  There was no immediate danger. Rather, I am beginning to collaborate with a religion scholar on a possible research project on church/congregational security. We are in the process of putting together a research proposal, and I wanted to survey the field as quickly as possible by harnessing the power of the social media hive mind.

This is the first of two posts that highlight what I found. Here I will list training organizations, groups, and individuals (along with their own descriptions of what they do), and in a following post I will look at other available resources.

As I intend to update these two posts regularly, if you have other leads for me to follow up on, please let me know. You can see in the original post a list of the various possible resources I am after.

Full Armor Church Security image from



Security Leaders Coalition, Troy, Michigan (Mike Harvill, President) ( (

The Security Leaders Coalition was founded out of necessity with a handful of safety directors working at various churches in southeast Michigan. The initial goal was to share information with the understanding that many safety and security concerns were not isolated to individual churches. This small group quickly grew as more religious organizations joined along with representatives from local, state and federal law enforcement. Now the group holds regular meetings with multiple chapters and provides training and information on best practices for safety directors and their teams.

The Coalition began in September 2015 with a meeting of 10 church security leaders from 6 organization. At the end of 2017 we have grown to 50 faith based organizations.
In the beginning we were simply trying to deal with the challenges of safety and security in our Churches.  We started with different perspectives and a willingness to work together and share what we had. The Security Leaders Coalition emerged out of a pursuit to share information, learn from each other and make our organizations safer places for our kids, members and guests.

Church Security Alliance, Dayton, OH ( Co-founded by Glen Evans

Church Security Alliance is a community of local church members working together to balance the need of protection against the need of an open faith community.  It is no secret criminals target churches through theft, child abuse, vandalism, arson and violent crimes.  We believe God has gifted men and women within the local church to provide basic protection services from the view of a servant’s heart.

We provide information on three levels.  The first level is through free information in the form of free videos or on our blog.  Anyone with an interest in church security can start there.  For those who want to begin the process of church security planning, CSA has developed resources including a Church Security Starter Kit, various training DVDs, and a book entitled Basics of Church Security

Faith Based Security Network ( Founded by Carl Chinn

On October 18th, 2017, the IRS approved the Faith Based Security Network, Inc. (FBSN) as a 501(C)(3) public charity. We will soon be rolling out the details of how this new ministry will help law-enforcement and faith-based organizations (FBO’s) work together to better prepare for the next one. And there will be a next one.

The FBSN goes beyond individual preparedness as the first Christian based security association to ever bring together the people of all types and locations of ministries as a national connected network. Not only is the time of denial behind us, but it is time to stop being silos of proprietary information.

National Organization of Church Security and Safety Management ( Founded by Chuch Chadwick.

National Organization of Church Security & Safety Management (NOCSSM™) is a national organization of churches across the United States. We provide our members with educational resources to help them in their security efforts. Resources include our web site which includes written policy and procedure templates, best practices for church security and training videos from some of our national conference sessions of special interest to church security teams.


Carl Chinn – Founder of Faith Based Security Network, Inc. – (

Carl is based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has had professional interaction with security and law-enforcement professionals in 45 states, specifically regarding faith-based organization (FBO) readiness and security operations. He has physically been to 33 states for speaking engagements and / or on-site interface with FBO security and / or law-enforcement involved with FBO’s. He first worked with an architect’s design team on physical security needs in 1992, and done so many times since. He performed his first FBO risk assessment in 1995 and has done many since. He served for 11 years on a mega-church security team to launch, then to participate in the ongoing operations.

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, Jimmy Meeks, and Carl Chinn  – Sheepdog Semianrs (

Since 1999, over 800 people have died a violent death while on church or faith based property. In addition, thousands have been sexually molested while on church or faith-based property (or at church-related events). The Sheepdog Seminars are designed to help churches, faith-based properties, and all other organizations and institutions, be prepared against such violence.

Forever Vigilant LLC, Roseville, Michigan (

Welcome to Forever Vigilant LLC the nations premier training company for your church leadership, ministry, safety, & security teams, corporate employees, school staff, and law enforcement agency.  Please take a few moments and explore our site.  Then contact us when your ready to book a training course for your staff and facility. “But I will encamp at my temple to guard it against marauding forces.  Never again will an oppressor overrun my people, for now I am keeping watch”.  -Zechariah 9:8

Christophor Perlatt — currently serving as an active law enforcement officer with over 24 years of service.

James Friedman — Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Eastpointe and Greater Christian Ministries International of Eastpointe and has been in pastoral ministry for over 30 years

Stephen R. Hinton and Steve Visser, Hedge Protection Ministries, Port Neches, TX (

At Hedge Protection Ministries, we are not your typical security company; we are a training ministry designed to assist churches with the implementation of a Biblical Hedge of Protection.  Our focus is not on installing security systems and physical barriers…  but about building the skill sets of men and women committed to strengthening the level of deterrence surrounding your church.

The Hedges we build are ALIVE and with the proper attention will grow thicker, taller, and stronger over time. A living, breathing Hedge designed to dissuade the enemy from targeting your church.  Additionally, we can train your people to be ready to respond to just about any event that your church may encounter.

A well-prepared church is one of the most effective means of preserving the peace and protecting the Bride of Christ.

Brian LaMaster and Curtis Dodson, The Watchman (

The Watchman is a website that is dedicated to educating new and existing church security / safety teams. Very few websites are dedicated to church security. To prepare Watchman who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way through realistic and practical training solutions. Deter, de-escalate, and resolve any issues that may arise within the church building or any event at your facility. Even if we can save just one life through educating the sheepdogs, we have accomplished our mission. Ezekiel 33:5-6, Genesis 2:15, Nehemiah 4:14

Dwayne Harris – Full Armor Church Security Training (

Dwayne Harris is an Ordained Bishop within the Church of God of Cleveland Tennessee. He is the founder of Full Armor Church and is an International Evangelist. Dwayne has been featured on Christian television, radio, and as a keynote speaker.

In addition to ministry, Dwayne serves in full time law enforcement as a criminal investigator in Central Florida. He is a decorated officer with over 16 years of experience and has served on the S.W.A.T. Team and Crisis Intervention Unit. Dwayne is a licensed law enforcement instructor and teaches various tactical and investigative courses at State Universities. He has also provided law enforcement and military training inside Guatemala, in exchange for the opportunity to share the Gospel message. As a result, they have seen over 1900 officials respond to receive salvation in the last 6 years.

Dwayne developed the Full Armor Church training program after seeing a need for security programs that are tactically sound and spiritually centered. He uses his firsthand experience of law enforcement tactics, responses to critical incidents, de-escalation and control techniques, and spiritual warfare concepts to build realistic security models.

“I believe the role of security within the church is a spiritual function – one with many physical applications. Much like our responsibility to guard our hearts and minds from the enemies’ attacks, we must also guard the church against the enemies’ schemes to disrupt and hinder its effective work. Having a security ministry is not a sign that we lack faith in God’s covering, it is an act of obedience that brings His covering. We should first and foremost watch and pray, so that we may serve as spiritual guardians of the flock.”

Jeff and Jenna Meek – Carry On Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO (

Firearms Proficiency for Church Security

Your safety is your responsibility – that’s true at home, at the grocery store, taking your dog for a walk, and even at church. We’ve seen church security first-hand and we understand how difficult it is to create and maintain a functional church security team in both very small and extremely large churches.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen churches attacked in Charleston, SC, Richmond, CA, Moscow, ID, Fresno, CA, Knoxville, TN, Sutherland Springs, TX, Colorado Springs, CO, and so many other places around the country. Soft targets make easy targets. The challenge that church security teams have in front of them is real and it’s significant. There is far more to having a successful security team than firearms training, but we’re here to do our small part to make those teams effective.

We have put together a 12-hour curriculum for both new and established church security teams that we have broken out into three manageable 4-hour classes – each class builds on the last – and each is focused on those skills that overwhelm many in the security business. Depending on current skill level, each class can be tailored to fit your needs. Whether you have experienced shooters on your team or those who need to start at the very beginning, these classes will safely build the skills necessary for your team!

Brady Stephens – Centurion Bible College, Parkersburg, WV  (

I teach seminars at churches on “Responding to an Armed Threat” and on “Organizing a Church Safety Team.” I have both an extensive law enforcement background and more than 27 years as a pastor. I usually teach between 2 and 5 seminars per month.

Steve Moses, Palisade Trainging Group LLC (

Steve Moses is a long-time defensive weapons and tactics instructor based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He is a state-licensed Level 3 Security Officer, Level 4 Personal Protection Officer, and Level 4 Personal Protection Officer Instructor, and former member of a multi-precinct Special Response Team. He has provided close protection to state, national, and international politicians, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and professional football players, and for seven years was Shift Lead on a large security detail at a mega-church with satellite campuses. Steve is currently co-owner and Director of Training for Palisade Training Group, LLC.

Aaron Mauldin and Michael Green, Advanced Protection Institute, (Las Vegas, NV)

Kris P. Moloney, Sheepdog Church Security, Belle Plaine, MN (

Hi, I’m Kris P. Moloney. I serve the Church by creating training bundles for part-time Church Safety / Security Directors who serve medium to small size churches with limited resources. I give them the tools they need to provide reputable and realistic training to their Church Safety Team members without spending hours researching and developing courses from scratch. (No sense in reinventing the wheel!)

Vaughn Baker, President – Strategos International, Grandview, MO (

For years, many churches assumed that “it can’t happen here.” It took catastrophic active-shooter events for the majority of congregations to realize that they, too, were vulnerable to a church shooter. Strategos International is a faith-based organization and understands the vital role that churches bring to communities. We not only train churches in security, we provide it in the congregations where we worship. Strategos is adamant that churches do not have to (and should not) “militarize” in order to have a secure environment. In addition, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to church security. While a set of core principles must be followed, there is a diversity of approaches toward protecting congregations.

Timothy Miller – Secure Church by LionHeart International Services Group (

Every member of the LionHeart Team has felt a ministry calling to help prepare churches for the increasing challenges of these times. With the rising threats to churches there is a critical need for professional church security resources and training. The Secure Church program has been developed to ensure that churches are empowered to stand-up and maintain an effective, verifiable and certifiable church security ministry.

The LionHeart team is composed of nationally recognized law enforcement instructors with professional backgrounds in the US Military, Secret Service, FBI and local police/SWAT. What makes these instructors particularly effective is that each of them leads the security ministry in their home church.

Today’s church security challenges require more than static information provided piecemeal by online sites or narrowly focused training events. That is why the LionHeart Team initiated the Certified Secure Church professional church security training and accreditation program.

Tim Easton, Owner of Castle Defense 360 Security Consulting, Lebanon, MO (

We provide a wide range of security related services from training to protective services for law enforcement, the General Public, businesses, government & houses of worship.

We have 2 training options available the first is Active Attacker Defense for Parishioners. It’s a 4 hour discussion & scenario based program for congregation members. The other option is a certification program I am trying to launch, it’s called Certified House of Worship Security Specialist. It’s an intensive 10-hour training course and covers everything from active shooter to bomb threat suspicious package executive protection and evacuation management.

Clyde Morgan and Precision Shooting Center, Forest, MS (

Our Church Security Team Training is offered in 4, 8, and 12 hour lengths depending on each church’s needs. ​The classroom sessions and range firing will be conducted at Precision Shooting Center. If requested, a consultant can meet at your church to help your leaders plan or to conduct a Security Team Class with workbooks. Our instructors are certified by NRA, USCCA, or the State of Mississippi.

Steve Padin, The Watchman’s Academy, Buffalo, NY

The Watchman’s Academy is a church security training & consulting service. The idea came to Steve Padin after his office at the Buffalo Police Department was contacted by a local church regarding some security concerns they had.  After walking through the church building and giving them an assessment, he realized the need for churches and other places of worship to better their security efforts.  So he acquired information and resources from around the country, added his own expertise, and put together a program.  This three phase training program, which can be done in one evening and one day, is designed to help places of worship organize security teams using just the membership of the body.  For those places that already have teams, it is designed to help them raise their operation to the next level.
Paraclete Consulting Group, San Antonio, TX (

Whether you have an established Security Safety Team in need of outside consultation, or you are looking to establish a team, Paraclete Consulting Group can help.  In a time where places of worship have become a high-value target for those who wish to see evil triumph in this world, the security of your staff and congregation cannot be an after-thought.

Peacekeepers Training, Springfield, MO (

The Church Security and Safety Training course is designed to assist a church with developing and training a security team to prevent or mitigate unsafe conditions. We identify and discuss specific threats churches may encounter. We provide participants with strategies to de-escalate situations as well as other force options to control violent behavior.



  1. I hope this is the type on government involvement you are looking for. The federal government, through FEMA, has a website listing resources for protecting houses of worship. They had a webinar on that subject and the 2-hour recording is listed among the resources.

    I am not sure of your protocols for links, but on the FEMA website there is a “faith-resources” page and one on “protecting-houses-worship” page.

    Continue your good work.

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  2. Tim Easton, Castle Defense 360 Security Consulting based in Lebanon, Missouri.
    We have 2 solutions, a 4 hour Active Attacker Defense for Parishioners & a 10 hour Certified House of Worship Security Specialist (CHSS) programs. The CHSS course includes executive protection skills in addition to Active Attacker/Shooter, Bomb Threat Suspicious Package and Emergency Planning.
    Great idea and a proactive approach to trying to get the problem fixed. I submitted my information through the contact tab, looking forward to a response. We are a long way away from resolving these threats and actions but as long as we’re working together and moving forward, we will get there.


  3. Forever Vigilant LLC would like to thank David Yamane for mentioning us in his article. We are honored and humbled to be involved in training the protectors of God’s flock.


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