A Final Word About R.I.P. Ammo

Around the same time I was thinking about the alleged appearance of R.I.P. ammo in homicides in Chicago, I also saw this.

Posted without further comment.


  1. Interestingly, that site comes up as does not exist. There is a similar named site, Minuteman Munitions, “Revolutionary Ammo for Serious Shooters”, without the Next American Revolution schtick.

    ‘Tis a free country and people can say what they want, but some of the rhetoric coming from the 2A side of the fence just makes gun owners look like a bunch of armed people who never escaped the immature antics of puberty. Dana Loesch, the NRA TV station, Ted Nugent, etc.. Who are we to be revolting against, Grady? The guys who cut our social security checks and ensure we can move between states without showing papers?

    All this stuff is of course picked up by those who want to regulate guns. If folks are not familiar with the concept of blowback, they should be. Florida, which has been a Gunshine State for twenty years, is now passing gun control laws and it will probably get worse as more young people are turned off by the current toxic climate around guns. Not to mention, worries about getting shot at. School shootings are statistically rare but of course, like anything else, travel at the speed of electrons…


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