Gun Culture 2.0 Appearance on Practically Tactical Podcast

Anyone who knows me or follows this blog knows I am neither very “practical” nor “tactical” when it comes to guns. So being invited to be on the “Practically Tactical” podcast left me wondering what we might talk about.

As it turns out, we had plenty to talk about. As you can hear in the recently posted podcast, we actually managed to go on for nearly 2 hours covering a variety of topics, including (but not limited to): Gun Culture 1.0 vs. Gun Culture 2.0, my research and class on the Sociology of Guns, tribalism, the experiential basis of pro- and anti-gun views, the NRA, and the Second Amendment.

Screen cap of

The tri-hosts — Nick Humphries, Jeff Bloovman, and Jesse Gullikson — got me to talk more than I ever have about the challenges of doing research on guns as a sociologist, having one foot outside the gun culture and one foot in it, and gun politics in general.

This was surely facilitated by the comfort I felt on the show. Nick Humphries and I have quite a bit in common, coming to self-defense gun culture later in life. Jeff Bloovman I knew before we met on air from an article on the Pink Pistols in Rolling Stone magazine that I assigned to my Sociology of Guns students this semester. And Jesse Gullikson is a funny and thoughtful guy and, little known fact, is a knight.

For those for whom words alone are not enough, you can also watch a recording of the live video stream on YouTube.


  1. Right around 6 minutes in a question popped into my head. Is the rise in popularity of AR-15s(in our day typically adorned with key mod or m-lok rails, a Magpul stock, Magpul or Hogue grip, a vertical grip,a Geissele trigger, and QD attachments galore)a part of the rise of Gun Culture 2.0? I’m not sure if you’ve addressed this already, but it seems either they’re a part of GC2.0, or they’re here just because of the AWB. Perhaps both. They definitely fit the tactical defense vibe going on here. Also new forms of varmint hunting(no limits)have become ultra popular, and what better varmint gun is out there than an AR-15 chambered in .223 or .300 Blackout? They’re the perfect hog gun. But then again, hog hunters use a lot of “tactical” technology such as night vision, along with their rifles, so maybe modern hog hunting is an offshoot of GC2.0 in some ways.


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