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Sociology of U.S. Gun Culture Article – Top 20 Download!

I received some pleasant news from the publisher of my article on “The Sociology of U.S. Gun Culture” this morning: It is one of the Top 20 most downloaded articles published since July 2016.

In the article I argue that there really is no existing sociology of gun culture because we have been too focused on criminological and epidemiological approaches to guns in connection with crime, violence, death, and injury.

So, download the article if you haven’t already (or download it again if you wish) to keep these thoughts in the forefront of the minds of social scientists studying guns and gun culture.

Here’s the link again if you missed it above.

Thanks are due to Wake Forest University for providing a considerable sum of money to make the article “open access” (i.e., available to download without a subscription or fee).

4 thoughts on “Sociology of U.S. Gun Culture Article – Top 20 Download!

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