Talking Gun Culture on In Sickness and In Health Podcast

Most podcasts on which I appear are streamed and recorded live. Celine Gounder’s podcast, by contrast, is more highly produced. She interviewed me in early April for the new season of “In Sickness and In Health” which focuses on gun violence.

When she reached out to me, I made clear that my scholarly expertise is in gun CULTURE not gun VIOLENCE. She assured me that this is what she wanted to learn more about, so I spoke to her for around an hour and trusted her to do justice to my thoughts when she edited them.

Seven months later, the episode of the podcast on which I appear has dropped.

I was pleased to see that a fellow student of Gun Culture 2.0, Kevin Creighton of the Misfires and Light Strikes blog, also appears on this episode. The episode is a tightly constructed 28 minutes long, so have a listen and let me know what you think.

Also, if you are interested in my personal story of getting into Gun Culture 2.0 and haven’t read one of my earliest posts, I talk about this story quite a bit on this podcast.



  1. This was a pretty good podcast, and your portions of it were the main reason it was so good, David. It was interesting to hear of your path in the culture up through and into academia. I especially liked your relating of the “treehouse” incident.

    However, I was rather disappointed at the veteran’s take on his fellow firearms owners. Having a position that firearms ownership should require training and storage standards is one thing, but denigrating other owners (starting at ~17:10) really turned me off. He not only portrays many owners as irresponsible and ignorant, but he also portrays the responsible owners he talked about (starting at ~16:30) as being disconnected and ignorant. He puts off the air of being one of the only “enlightened” and “responsible” few, and his fixation on “accountability” is obsessive.


    • To add (wish we could edit, but I understand the reasons for not enabling it):

      Major kudos to the host for getting out and actively learning/participating to understand portions of the culture (starting at ~22:15), and Kevin’s point about policy makers is a strong one.

      If there’s any portion of the podcast that folks should listen to, it’s the portion from ~24:00 on. Trust, respect, stigmatization, and the disconnect between involved parties cannot be over-emphasized and I’m extremely glad these and associated areas were discussed.


  2. Great show. However, the veteran Chris Marvin is the authoritarian that the Founding Fathers warned you about. He’s a smooth talker, but we don’t need his solutions. He doesn’t really respect your rights – since he wants to put so many restrictions on the right to own guns. Think of the chilling effect of all this training. storage, etc. Some states would make it so difficult to meet the requirements. I don’t believe in their “reasonable” restrictions (just like most liberals do not agree to “reasonable” restrictions on abortion). Take this from a fellow veteran (Navy LT – 5+ years of active duty). I enjoyed many things about the military – but the lack of freedom wasn’t one of them!


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