Enjoy a National Rifle Association Gun Safety Video from 1946

I was recently typing up some field notes from too long ago when I found a reference to an NRA gun safety video from 1946 from Karl Rehn of KR Training.

I spent an enjoyable 20 minutes watching “Trigger Happy Harry” this morning. Thanks Karl!

How much better is this than the culture war fighting commentators on NRATV?

Like water, guns are dangerous. That’s why we learn how to swim, and learn how to use guns.

Like swimming, guns are also fun. That’s why we need more shows like Top Shot and Love at First Shot (#TeamAnnette) where people destroy things with projectiles instead of smashing televisions with sledgehammers.


  1. The NRA should put as much effort into this sort of stuff, esp. on NRATV, as it puts into the advocacy stuff. Mind you, there are few organizations out there defending our RKBA but smashing TV sets or setting a match to the New York Times probably puts people off who could otherwise be allies in the fight.

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    • I like to think you can defend gun rights without fighting a culture war, but I also know not everyone — including people I respect — agree. The NRA of the 1920s to 1960s did this, but of course the terrain has also changed in terms of the opposition. I have written about this on the blog previously. So, I see both sides. Moreover, all of politics have become more coarse. Still, you have to wonder how much of the middle the NRA is willing to give away to stoke a fire under the true believers.

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      • Guns are definitely part of the culture war, whether we like it or not, and I’m not sure how to split that hair. That discussion of “all they have is their guns and bibles” really does sum it up for the radical divisions we see. The Left sees both guns and bibles as things owned by knuckle draggers. The right sees the left as anti-gun and anti traditional values, whatever those values are. I don’t know how to walk back the cultural divide that has held gun ownership increasingly hostage. Perhaps, one way is to do what we did in the bicycle community in Hawaii: front page pictures of “these are bicyclists” and you see your doctor, lawyer, garbage collector, teacher, etc. Strips away the stereotypes. That’s what really infuriates me about NRA TV. I’ve been a gun nut since I was 12 and those people burning the Times or bashing their TV ain’t me. Or you either, I suppose. Closest I got to abusing a TV set was the night of the 1984 Presidential elections as a bunch of us grad students from Geosciences starting throwing dirty socks at the TV as the electoral results turned into an epic landslide.

        I’ve been a registered D since I was 18 but increasingly am alienated by the leftward drift of the party. The gun-grabbing, intersectionality, identity politics, etc. which have become mantras on the left, don’t help. Of course the mass shooters and the fat guy who shows up at our City Council meetings with a bad attitude and packing heat don’t help much either.

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