Most Viewed Posts in 2018 on Gun Culture 2.0

2018 was another good year for this blog. I posted 127 times, had over 100,000 visitors and nearly 200,000 page views. That represents an increase of 48% in visitors and 30% in page views over 2017, and is a far cry from the 6,000 visitors and 11,000 views I had in my first full year of blogging in 2013.

Below are links to my 10 most viewed posts in 2018.

“Top 10” by geralt is licensed under CC0.

1. New York Times Steps to Buy a Gun, Homicide, and Suicide Cross-Nationally (originally published 2018)

2. How Many Households in America Today Have Guns? (originally published 2017)

3. Gary Kleck on the Effect of Large-Capacity Magazines on the Casualty Counts in Mass Shootings (originally published 2015)

4. Yes, 18 Year-Olds Can Own Guns, And They Do (originally published 2018)

5. North Carolina Concealed Permit Course/Training Requirements Compared to Virginia (originally published 2015)

6. Ethical Arguments Against and For Gun Control: How Much Regulation Do We Need? (originally published 2017)

7. Is Using “R.I.P.” Defensive Ammunition Asking for Trouble? (originally published 2016)

8. The History of Concealed Weapons Laws in the United States, Part 3: The Rise of the Shall-Issue (Right-to-Carry) Era of Concealed Carry (originally published 2014)

9. When in Prescott, Arizona, Stop by Sturm, Ruger Company (originally published 2017)

10. More on How Many Guns Are There in America Today? (originally published 2017)

Honorable Mention: The 4th most viewed post of 2018 was not written by me so I do not list it above. Aaron Haskins allowed me to re-post his thoughts “On Active Shooters and Risk Management” (originally published 2018)

Two observations on the posts that made my Top 10 in 2018. First, with the exception of #9, they all address what I think are serious issues in understanding guns in America today. My post on visiting Sturm Ruger is mostly fluff but appears on the first page of Google search results for “Sturm Ruger Prescott AZ,” so that might explain it.

Second, only 2 of my Top 10 for 2018 were actually posted in 2018. My history of shall-issue concealed carry was originally published in 2014, and two posts from 2015 also made the list. The longevity of these posts is gratifying.

To satisfy my curiosity, tomorrow I will post my Top 10 posts in 2018 that were posted in 2018.



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