Documenting Recent National Rifle Association (NRA) Concerns

After having attended the members meeting at the National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, I have not been able to keep up with the flow of information coming out about the internal and external challenges facing the NRA.

Fortunately, Dean of NC Gun Bloggers, John Richardson, has been doing a better job and recently put up a series of posts on No Lawyers Only Guns and Money that include some public and private correspondence of interest.

Here are links to John’s series of 5 posts:

Some leaders of the NRA, like newly elected President Carolyn Meadows and Second Vice President Willes Lee, have painted everyone critical of the current leadership as enemies of the organization, and no doubt many are. But there are also many, like John Richardson and others, who are posting this information to document the extent of the problems and in the hope that the NRA will clean up its act on its own if and while it still has that choice.



  1. I don’t think my entire family has spent that much money on clothes during my entire life. And that includes those overpriced leather jackets and boots my old man, brothers and I buy for riding our motorcycles or our camo outfits for hunting, or my funny looking lycra for bicycling.


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  2. I’ve heard rumors of self-enrichment by the top leadership for roughly two decades. This has gone on long enough. Time to sweep out the old cabal and get on with the important work of the NRA.

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  3. Chris Knox has been Tweeting regularly about this. My read is the rascals are circling the wagons and using the rules to insulate themselves from recall. Just what the anti’s want is a full scale implosion.


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