How a Card Carrying Liberal Professor Became a Card Carrying Liberal Armed American

7 years (this week) and 700 posts ago, I started this blog. Initially, I wrote largely for myself. Somewhere along the way, people started reading what I had to say about guns and gun culture. More people than I could have imagined. This gives me confidence that I have something to say about the topic beyond the small group of scholars I am accustomed to talking to as a professor.

My confidence was tested in April when I had the opportunity give the lunchtime talk at the National Firearms Law Seminar in Indianapolis. More than anything I’ve written or said, “Gun Culture 2.0, or How a Liberal Professor Became an Armed American” offered a very personal perspective on how I got into guns and the study of gun culture. I also discussed some of the many lessons I have learned on my journey.

Thanks to John Correia (and Jon Macek) of Active Self Protection, a video of my talk exists, and thanks to Robin Lindner of RLI Media, that video is ready for the world to see. If you want to help me “out” myself as a gun owner, please watch and share this video widely!


  1. David:

    Finally got to watch this. I’m grateful you had the opportunity to speak, and have it recorded to be shared with the world at large. I hope that through this, bridges can be built.

    I owe YOU some Blantons. 🙂


  2. […] 4. How a Card Carrying Liberal Professor Became a Card Carrying Liberal Armed American. Like #2, really happy this post received significant attention. It links to the YouTube video of my lunch keynote lecture at the National Firearms Law Seminar in Indianapolis (which itself has over 6,000 very gratifying views). If you want to understand me and this project, that is the best 40 minute summary out there. […]


  3. Fantastic work. I’ve been saying for years that the partisan rhetoric of the NRA and its devotees will damage our rights more than help them. Gun culture must move beyond partisan politics if it is to survive long-term, we must expand the tent. Thank you for being a voice in they conversation.


  4. I do wish I could find the print version of this blog. I’m an old guy and would rather read than watch a video.


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