9mm is the Official Ammo of Gun Culture 2.0

I am a Gun Culture 2.0 “native.” That is, I never participated in Gun Culture 1.0 nor in the development of GC2.0. I only know GC2.0. As such, the long-standing and curiously sometimes on-going “caliber wars” are irrelevant to me. 9mm Luger vs. .45 ACP vs. .40 S&W? Non-issue. 9mm is the official caliber of Gun Culture 2.0.

This is made plain in examining ammo sales in the recent coronavirus pandemic buying spree. Ammo.com has been publishing some helpful information in this regard. The most popular caliber by sales volume is 9mm in each of the 10 highest sales volume states.

Screen cap of https://ammo.com/coronavirus-impact-on-ammunition-sales

The popularity of 223 ammo shown in this table also highlights that the official long-gun of Gun Culture 2.0 is the AR-platform.

The highest sales volume states are not surprising, except perhaps Illinois. What I find interesting is the extremely high % increases in sales in states like Texas and Florida and Arizona which presumably have very high baselines to start.

In terms of percentage increase (not considering sales volume), we see a lot of action in Vermont and Delaware, two of the least populous states. Of course, the same is true of North and South Dakota, but perhaps the residents of those states have already stockpiled ammo.

Image from https://ammo.com/coronavirus-impact-on-ammunition-sales




  1. What the takeaway for me is, real men shoot real guns, aka, .45 acp, and the ” new man of today” thinks 9mm, which is actually a longer .380, or a 38 special, is somehow the round to shoot because ” everyone ” shoots it. And the interminable debate over the calibers will go on ad nauseum, but the bottom line is, 3/8 vs 1/2. I guess if I were a small penised man, I’d be all over that 3/8 thing, but when it comes to dropping a piece of utter shit, I prefer to make big holes in him. Which brings me to my final point,y’all fight over those little things, whilst the rest of us have no problem acquiring that which we need. Prolly get threats over this, but bottom line is, small bore, small man. Lol

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  2. Thanks for the interesting facts on ammo. Gun Culture 2.0 studies along with general information presented is helpful for my understanding and appreciation of firearms in general, as well as the importance of the second amendment.

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  3. Something that everyone seems to be overlooking in this conversation is the fact that 9mm ammo is the least expensive center fire ammo on the market. I have carried a 1911 in 45 ACP for many years, but when I shoot in competition, I shoot 9mm. Excuse me for a minute, I have to let the dog in. I’m back. The only caliber that will go through a windshield without deviating is a 50 BMG and shot placement is still king of the hill no matter the caliber. I know that there are some bad people in this world, but I find that if you are nice to people, they will be nice to you in return. Have a good day everyone.

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  4. I have both .45 and 9mm guns. My Walter PPK is for carry, have another 9mm which stays locked in the car and the .45 is for home defense. If someone breaks into my house, the .45 is to make sure they leave prone.

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  5. Without knowing the actual quantities of each caliber purchased, the percentage increases MAY mean nothing.

    I.E.- If a state’s residents purchased 1round of a specific caliber in year one and 5 rounds in year two, the results show a 400% increase in that caliber sales. Under the same scenario if another state’s residents purchased 100 rounds of a different caliber in year one and 150 the next year, then the latter (with a 30 times greater actual quantity) would show only a 50% increase.

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