Celebrating the 8th Blogiversary of Gun Culture 2.0

Today is the 8th anniversary of my starting this blog. My first post, Getting Into Gun Culture 2.0, was published May 22, 2012.

That year I totaled 17 posts and had 130 blog visitors. Since then I have published another 700+ posts viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

I find this so humbling as I have only ever sought to use my academic study and personal experience to better understand American gun culture.

Meeting Michael Bane, from whom I took the term “Gun Culture 2.0,” at the NRAAM

This blog contains the raw materials for my book, which I was about to redouble my efforts to finish before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Going forward, if I don’t post as much here going forward it is because I am trying to finish that book before Gun Culture 3.0 supersedes it!


  1. Congrats on the eighth blogiversary, David, and hopefully more to come. In honor of your blog’s birthday I bought a S&W Model 19-5 in 357 magnum, six inch barrel, all nickle plated. Why? Does one have to have a reason to buy another gun? And painfully enough, as I was filling out the 4473 form, I saw they had a 1950’s M-1 Carbine for sale. Sigh….


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