All I Want For Christmas Is. . .

some explanation of what this has to do with gun rights . . .

Seen today on the Independent Firearm Owners Association homepage. . .

Seen today on the Independent Firearm Owners Association Facebook page. . .

If they really wanted to feature female gun owners, I know a number of women shooters who could have been pictured doing more than just modeling guns and in doing so better match the stated purpose of this firearm owners association.

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  1. Agreed. I am not a fan of the gun bunny nonsense. I would suggest that the firearms community would be better served by advertising, say, a single mother who owns and trains with a handgun so she can protect her kids. But, I suppose that does not sell as well.


  2. If I were a woman shooter, I would likely be pissed off at women being advertised as eye candy. These ads seem to reinforce the idea that the shooting sports are run by a bunch of male knuckle draggers. Why not some pics of actual women at the range?

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  3. I’ll take a, uhhhh “shot” here. It looks a lot like one of a number of scammer and/or misleading “gun rights” advocacy groups that don’t do more than collect donations and sell trash to make money. In other words, they are using the highly activated base of firearms owners to make a buck in the name of liberty and provide nothing more than cheap trinkets and other trash.

    In this case, they remind me of porn purveyors that take the “in your face” or “over the top” advertising approach that appeals to a certain base (pun intended). If you want to see how serious they are, check out some pictures on the web page to see poor examples of gun safety and trigger discipline.

    In short, they are not helping, and are likely making a quick buck off of the community.


  4. Scam. But give them credit for knowing their target audience. Women in the gun community expect for resources to flow towards them rather than away. They are desirable in the community both intrinsically (men generally like women) and politically (women are shown more sympathy by political opponents). They aren’t generally the source of money for gun rights efforts.

    Men will give money to people who talk a good gun rights game. Witness NAGR and their equally stupid state level gun “rights” groups. They get cash for literally doing nothing.

    Think of it as “fanservice.”


  5. How about you post some law enforcement hottie pictures too! (With or without uniform).

    Looks fine to me, other than the dark-colored nails. BTW, whatever she’s selling, I’ll take two. Overnight shipping as well.

    It’s 2020, the world has gone to sh*t. Lighten up.


  6. Be careful, some new “sensible” gun owner groups have turned out to be anti-gun Trojan horses. There are are many established pro firearms owners groups with track records of supporting likeminded candidates of either party. The NRA has done this in the past.


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