Black’s Law Dictionary Entry on “Insurrection”

In a post on my Gun Curious blog, I asked and began to answer the question of whether the storming of the U.S. Capitol building on January 6th was an “insurrection.” My intent was not to minimize what happened on that day, though some definitely read the post that way.

To the contrary, I offered a qualified conclusion is that it was an act of criminal mob violence that included some insurrectionist elements. I also raised the possibility that concepts of “sedition” and “domestic terrorism” might fit better.

In any event, I based my other post on the entry on “insurrection” form Blacks Law Dictionary, which I am posting here for others who might be interested.

Black’s Law Dictionary entry on “Insurrection”

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  1. Correct, sir. It wasn’t an insurrection. There is a reason these crimes should be hard to prove, and we should In be very loathe to accuse people of these actions, especially when other “lesser” crimes will do. To put some historical context around it, I recall a significant number of people on the right making accusations of treason and sedition during the war on terror, especially in the 2002-2008 time period. Fortunately these things seldom went anywhere, and that’s a good thing. It seems today the shoe is on the other foot, and both sides would do well to remember what is used against one will almost assuredly be used against the other.

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