Visiting Minuteman Munitions in the Good Ole Days (Last March)

What a difference a year makes. A year ago this month I had the opportunity to tour a local ammunition re-manufactory, Minuteman Munitions in Greensboro. I’m just now getting around to posting about it. Thanks, COVID!

Minuteman Munitions Manufactory, Greensboro, NC, March 2020. Photo by David Yamane

They basically do what many individual shooters do in their garages, basements, and workshops, but on a much, much, much larger scale.

Pallets of spent brass at Minuteman Munitions, March 2020. Photo by David Yamane
Ammunition loading presses at Minuteman Munitions, March 2020. Photo by David Yamane

Not a large enough scale, however, as they are currently sold out of all 9mm and 45 ACP pistol and 223 and 300 Blackout rifle rounds. Of course, no scale is large enough as even the largest ammunition manufacturers are struggling to keep pace with demand.

Inspecting and packaging rifle ammo at Minuteman Munitions, March 2020. Photo by David Yamane

Founded in 2013 in response to the post-Sandy Hook, Obama administration fueled ammo shortage, Minuteman is currently experiencing deja vu all over again. But even before the recent surge in demand for ammo, business was good. Since my visit they moved to a new location in High Point, NC, which I haven’t seen given COVID.

Boxes of 9mm ammo bought at Minuteman Munitions, March 2020. Photo by David Yamane

Because the pandemic had not yet kicked in when I visited, I was able to buy 500 rounds of 9mm (125 gr TPJTC) remanufactured training rounds off the shelf. I have had the opportunity to shoot both that and the factory new ammo (9mm 125 gr TPJTC) with no problems running my Glock 48.

Shooting Minuteman Munitions ammo, March 2020. Photo by David Yamane

I am fortunate not to be in a position where I have to run around chasing ammo (yet!), since Minuteman Munitions sells out of their ammo within hours of posting their availability (they do not take pre-orders but you can sign up for email alerts or follow them on Facebook and Instagram for notices).

Hopefully some day I will be able to buy more of their pistol (and rifle) cartridges at their normal reasonable prices and without panic. Until then, the memories of my visit to Minuteman Munitions will have to sustain me.

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    • Thanks for pointing that out. I neglected to mention the blue bullets. This was my first time using them and they worked well. I know some competition shooters also use them for the cost.


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