Double Trigger Alert: Feminist Assault Rifle

Yesterday I posted about finding a company to customize an AR lower receiver for my wife. Today let me tell you how that project turned out.

As I was concocting my plan, I consulted — as I do with all important gun-related things — with my friend John Johnston of Ballistic Radio and Citizens Defense Research fame. I told him I wanted to build a rifle for Sandy based on a lower receiver engraved with “NASTY WOMAN” and “SHE PERSISTED.”

John suggested it would be imprudent to build this into a functioning rifle for anything other than fun. In the improbable but not impossible event that Sandy had to use the rifle for self-defense, she would not want a rifle with these phrases entered into evidence.

So, I ended up having Infectious Design (again) engrave and Cerakote (in pink champagne, Sandy’s favorite drink) the lower receiver and gave it to Sandy as a 7th anniversary gift (on 02/20/21) to use as a paper weight.

Lower receiver engraved and Cerakoted by Infectious Design. Photo by David Yamane

I was really pleased with how it came out and Sandy was very touched by the gesture.

Lower receiver engraved and Cerakoted by Infectious Design. Photo by David Yamane

With John’s guidance, I ended up constructing a rifle for Sandy consisting of Bravo Company USA BCM® MK2 Standard 14.5″ Mid Length (ENHANCED Light Weight-*FLUTED*) Upper Receiver Group w/ MCMR-13 Handguard (with some other fancy do-dad options) and a Primary Weapons Systems MK1 MOD2 Complete Rifle Lower. I snapped the two halves together, topped it off with an optical sight, back up iron sights, and a weapon mounted light, and the rifle was good to go.

Of course, to make it a proper Feminist Assault Rifle, I took the lower to Infectious Design to have it engraved and fill painted in Sandy’s preferred pink champagne color.

Feminist Assault Rifle. Photo by David Yamane

The Feminist Assault Rifle came out great and I was happy to be able to use have my Sociology of Guns seminar students shoot it during our class field trip.

Student shooting Feminist Assault Rifle. Photo by Robin Lindner/RLI Media

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