New Book Chapter on “A Woman’s Place in Gun Advertisements” Published

The good folks at Open Source Defense beat me to the punch, so you may have already heard about this chapter I published recently in a book on Understanding America’s Gun Culture.

The chapter is a systematic analysis of the portrayal of women (and men) in The American Rifleman over the 100 years from 1920 to 2019. You can download a PDF of the chapter HERE.

As with my other publications on advertising in The American Rifleman and Guns Magazine, my son is a co-author of this work, taking primary responsibility for the data analysis and visualizations. The second author is a 2020 graduate of Wake Forest who worked on this project as a Senior Honors Thesis in Sociology. Riley is currently a 2L at George Washington University Law School (*funny story about my meeting Riley at the end of this post).

As you can see in the image above, the chapter begins by discussing an advertisement placed by the Peters Cartridge Division of Remington Arms.

Odd coincidence: the same month this chapter was published, I had lunch with John Johnston of Ballistic Radio fame at Cartridge Brewing in Maineville, Ohio. The brewery is located at an old Peters Cartridge Factory which has been turned into apartments.

Maineville, Ohio, August 2021. Photos by David Yamane

If you’re interested in the role of women in American gun culture, have a read and let me know what you think!

*Funny story about Riley Satterwhite: Sociology is a female-dominated major at Wake Forest University (and elsewhere), so in a Sociology of Guns class of 16 students, I often get only a couple of men. One year I was so desperate for male students that when Riley contacted me to add the already-full course, I decided to go against my policy of not over-enrolling. The fact that Riley talked about having a competitive shooting background was an added bonus. Imagine my surprise on the first day of class when Riley turned out to be a woman. Since when is “Riley” a woman’s name?

Riley Satterwhite shooting at Proshots Range, January 2018. Photo by David Yamane

As this book chapter suggests, everything turned out for the best. I enjoyed having HER in class that semester, and working with her the following year on her Senior Honors Thesis in Sociology which contributed so much to this chapter.

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    “‘Sophisticated magazines show graphs contrasting bullet expansion and penetration, often accompanied by drawings of wound channels that look very much like vaginas'”

    So he’s never seen a woman naked before, either?
    I feel bad for him.
    I really do.


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