Concealed Carry Revolution Included in “Best of What I Read – 2021”

Some readers will recall the challenges I faced getting my book, Concealed Carry Revolution: Liberalizing the Right to Bear Arms in America, published and available for purchase on and in the Amazon Kindle Store.

That struggle makes all the sweeter being included in the 2021 edition of Greg Ellifritz’s annual list of “Best of What I Read.”

I also appreciate all the more those readers who have taken time to leave positive ratings and reviews of the book on Amazon. Those really help direct people to the book, so please keep them coming (if warranted).

In addition to being available in paperback and e-book editions on Amazon, you can also get “free” copies of the book by supporting me on my Gun Culture 2.0 Buy Me A Coffee page (a Patreon alternative).

A $5 monthly membership entitles you to a free e-copy of the updated edition of the book, and a $60 annual membership gets you a signed paperback copy. My long time and most generous supporters ($120 cumulative support) will receive a signed copy of my full book on American gun culture when it is published.

If you don’t already read Greg Ellifritz’s work on his Active Response Training blog, you’re missing out, and if you don’t yet support him on Patreon (as I do monthly), you should definitely consider it. He provides a tremendous amount of new and aggregated information every week.

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