Light Over Heat #2: Big Denominators and Estimates of Gun Ownership in the United States

In this second “Light Over Heat with Professor David Yamane” video I think about the importance of big denominators in understanding guns and gun owners in the United States, and explain why surveys tend to underestimate the rate of gun ownership.

Accounting for under-reporting of gun ownership in surveys, I conclude it’s possible that 40% of all American adults own a gun, which would be over 100 million people.

That is a mighty large denominator to use when thinking about how normal guns and gun owners are, which was the topic of “Light Over Heat” Video #1 last week.

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  1. Two bits of constructive criticism.
    1. Give yourself more “headroom.” Your head is way too high in this video.

    2. If you can, set your camera on a tripod and use a fixed focus. As you move the camera is focusing and it makes you move. Since you’re basically standing in one place, the camera really doesn’t need to change focus while you’re talking.

    You’re looking much more natural this video. The lighting seems pretty good for a YouTube video and the colors look pretty nice. For something that isn’t billed as a professional stand up interview show it looks really good.


    • Thanks for this feedback. I am trying to steer this moving car but am just learning how to drive. These two modifications will make future videos a lot better!! (I may have pre-recorded next weeks video before receiving this comment, so bear with me!)

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