Light Over Heat #19: Presentation on Gun Culture 2.0 at Hartford Authors Workshop

In Light Over Heat videos #15 (on gun research and gun policy) and #16 (on finding common ground on gun violence), I shared my thoughts on a workshop I attended in March at UCONN-Hartford. The workshop brought together authors contributing to an issue of The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science on gun violence prevention.

Of course, GVP is not my area of expertise, but I was asked to contribute something on the evolution of gun culture. So, in Hartford I presented a summary of my contribution, “Gun Culture 2.0: Evolution, Contours, and Consequences of Defensive Gun Ownership in America.”

At 16 minutes, this is longer than a typical “Light Over Heat” video, but there’s only so concise I can be and still address the evolution, contours, and consequences of Gun Culture 2.0.

I set my phone on the podium to video my talk, so the angle is somewhat odd, but hopefully not too distracting.

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  1. Have you checked to make sure that your lav mic is where your sound is coming from? Can you tap it before you start recording to make sure that the camera is taking the audio from the lav? For whatever reason the last few videos sound like you’re down in a well.

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    • The camera (i.e., my phone) is definitely picking up the sound from the USB port that my lav mic is connected to. In recent videos, I did switch to a new wireless lav mic system (Rode Wireless Go II) but when I am working on the videos in Adobe Premier (listening with my Sony MDR-7506 headphones) I am not hearing any difference from my previous videos. I will try to pay attention to this, though, because I thought I had a good system going! Thanks for the feedback.


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